Tuesday, July 19, 2011

City Council Candidates

Since all three districts have primary elections coming up on Sept. 13, I thought it would be fun to get to know the candidates a little better. Here is some information they sent about themselves.

DISTRICT 1  (roughly from 4100 South to 4700 South and Jordan River to 2700 West)

Ernest Glen Burgess

My name is Ernest Burgess and I am running for Taylorsville City Council in District 1. My wife Connie and I have lived in Taylorsville for the last 27 years. We have 9 children and 25 grandchildren. I enjoy being a part of the Taylorsville community. It's an ideal place to live. Raising a family here has been a great joy.
I have been in management for 32 years. For the past 2 1/2 years I've served on the Taylorsville Planning Commission and have learned a lot about how the city works. Attending meetings of the city's Economic Development Committee and the City Council has helped me recognize the vibrant growth potential of Taylorsville.
In order to maintain our city's quality and continue to improve, much work is to be done over the next few years. My desire is to help move this great city forward. As we do so, people and businesses will see what we have to offer and join us in making Taylorsville a shining jewel in Salt Lake County.
 I want you to have a voice in our city government. Feel free to call me at (801) 261-3436, email me at ernest@ernestburgess.net, or leave a comment on my website at ErnestBurgess.net with any questions or suggestions.

John E. Gidney

My name is John Gidney. My wife, Terry Lynne, and I have been residents of Taylorsville for 28 years.  We have two children and nine grandchildren. I am a CPA and have operated my own accounting practice here in Taylorsville for the past 16 years.

Over the last 10 years I have been actively involved in the City serving on several volunteer committees that help make the city go. I am a member of the Budget Review Committee, following the City finances closely over the years, and I attend many City Council meetings. I have also served on the Taylorsville Dayzz Committee, with responsibility over all the vendor booths. I am past treasurer and chair of the Taylorsville Arts Council and currently serve as vice-chair.

I know Taylorsville and I know how the city works. With my years of experience and financial background I will bring a positive change to the City Council.  

“We can’t just say NO if we want Taylorsville to grow.  I will listen before making a decision.”

Israel M. Grossman

My name is Israel Grossman and I am running for Taylorsville City Council in District 1. I live at 4438 Thornwood Avenue. I have been married to my wife Michelle for 17 years. Michelle and I have a 16 year old daughter, Chloe, who will be a junior at Taylorsville in the fall. I also have a 22 year old daughter, Haley, from a previous marriage. I love to golf and spend time with my family. We like to camp and spend time outdoors.

I am a Senior Buyer at Core-Mark International. I have a Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in Government Relations and Politics. I have a Masters of Arts in Human Behavior as well.

Since moving to Taylorsville five years ago I have become very active in the community through church callings, the Cabana Club, and in emergency preparedness. We enjoy attending Taylorsville Dayzz, and visiting the museum and historical sites. I serve on the Taylorsville Budget Committee and attend all of the City Council meetings.

I have decided to run because I have a strong sense of commitment and loyalty to our city.  We need to continue to provide the resources necessary to ensure public safety.  We need to focus on economic development. We need to bring in new businesses and help our existing businesses thrive. I am dedicated to making Taylorsville a destination city, where families can enjoy any and all activities right here at home.  ‘Opportunity in Every Direction’ needs to be opportunities within Taylorsville, and I will strive to make that a reality. Together we can play a part in making our city a better place, a place to be proud of. If you’d like to volunteer or contribute to my campaign, or for more info, please visit vote4grossman.com.

DISTRICT 2 (roughly from 4700 South to 5400 South and Jordan River to 2200 West)

William J. (Bill) Forsgren - Info not yet submitted.

Kristie Steadman Overson

I am Kristie Steadman Overson, candidate in district 2. Moving our city forward in a positive direction is my commitment to you. Encouraging new business and retention of existing business both large and small is critical to a stable revenue stream. Public safety is a high priority and I am an advocate of full participation with the Unified Police Department. Enhancing our level of service while cutting costs is a responsible and positive step forward. Well-maintained streets and neighborhoods through street beautification, business and neighborhood revitalization and code enforcement will reinvigorate and unite our city, improve our quality of life and will give us a “sense of place.” Our historic legacy, open spaces and sensitive land areas are unique to district 2 and must be maintained and enhanced as we plan for the future.

Applying my 11-year experience as a planning commissioner, my vast community involvement on several city committees and my 46-year residency in this community makes me your best choice. I am open-minded, thoughtful in decision making and have the time to make city council my full-time job. I am dedicated to moving Taylorsville toward a vibrant and healthy future. Please see my website at vote4kristie.com.

Morris K. Pratt

My name is Morris Pratt. It is no secret that I have a continuing desire to serve the Taylorsville community. That desire has been fueled by telephone calls, emails and personal visits from many residents inside and outside of my district who appreciate the representation I have provided over the last eight years.  

There are a number of challenges that our city has faced and will face in the next 10 years. Quality economic development is number one, followed by fiscal responsibility and community pride. There are so many negative comments from people that have an effect on community pride and do nothing but hurt our city. I want to be part of the solution and work with other council members and the administration within our roles to keep Taylorsville a great place to live, work and play.  There are many differing opinions on various topics from taxation, to ordinance enforcement and economic development and it will take personal commitments on everyone’s part to keep a good balance of government within our lives.

Marsha Rosati-Dykes

I am Marsha Rosati-Dykes . I can tell you first and foremost, I am a hard working woman (not that anyone else is not.) I work long hours in real estate. I run the office at Dimension Realty Services and the broker is very well supplied with REO foreclosures, HUD homes and Short Sales. I am acutely aware of what the economy is doing, and in particular, the housing market.

I see a Taylorsville City that continues to decline/shrink in sales revenue and we, the residents, suffer the consequences in the form of deteriorating roads and infrastructure, unhappy city employees, including police, and no excitement! I am in favor of the pursuit of business, both big and small to grow revenue. More mega stores, restaurants and recreation, such as movie theaters, summer concerts and farmers markets would be nice, too. As a taxpayer, I'm ok with that.

What has my district 2 council member done for me in eight years? I have been driving over the same potholes all year. My district is frankly, ghetto – in particular, the stretch of Redwood Road from 4700 to 5400 South. According to my current council member, he would like to see the historic district "declared historic." With a limited budget and property values where they are, you'll have to explain that one to me. If I were given the opportunity to serve my neighbors, I surely wouldn't want to be "self serving." I know the budget is tight but you have to spend money in the right places, to make money. I think Taylorsville could use a complete makeover. I believe that UPD could save enough revenue to hire a qualified PIO. If we don't make educated risks we are doomed to stagnate. That is not what I want to see happen in Taylorsville. 

There has to be a "win-win" for everyone who lives here. I respectfully ask for the opportunity of a term as council member of District 2 in Taylorsville. I would like to serve my neighbors and create a better city. 

DISTRICT 3 (roughly 5400 South to 6600 South and 1300 West to 2700 West)

Dave Ballou

My name is Dave Ballou. Growing up, my father was passionate about serving other people.  He never preached it, but his actions spoke louder than words ever could have.  Whether it was pulling weeds for a neighbor, mowing grass for the widows on the street, subbing for Santa, or just giving rides to co-workers who were down on their luck; my Pop was always the first to volunteer.  Much to the chagrin of my brothers and me, he usually had one or all four of us in tow, grumbling all the way.  As a young boy, I had zero interest in serving other people, especially when there were forts to be built, bad guys to shoot, and friends to go goof off with.
As a husband and father, I look back on those memories with sort of a reverent fondness and realize how truly lucky I am.  Without knowing it, I have become my father in many ways, especially when it comes to serving others.  I want to be your next City Councilman because I feel that it would be an excellent opportunity to get out, get my hands dirty, and be a voice for the great people of this city.  In a time when government seems to be more interested in bickering amongst themselves, it's great to know that at our local level, even the smallest voice can be heard.

I am honored and humbled to be considered for the position of City Councilman, and I look forward to working with the people of Taylorsville for years to come.

Daniel Steven Isham

My name is Daniel Isham. It is my determination and will to see that the city of Taylorsville becomes a more safe and productive place to live and work. Some of the areas that I feel need to be addressed are: road conditions and planning, police protection, and economic expansion. As a member of the Taylorsville City Council these are the things I will fight to improve. Daniel Isham, vote for your future!!

Jerry W. Rechtenbach

My name is Jerry Rechtenbach and I am running for City Council in Taylorsville District 3. I have been a resident of Taylorsville for almost 27 years. My wife and I have raised four children here. I have always considered it my obligation to be actively engaged in the community and in the neighborhood where I live to help keep it a nice and safe place for families to live and raise their children. I assisted in the Taylorsville City incorporation by lending engineering expertise to help establish city boundaries. When Taylorsville incorporated, I served on the Public Safety Committee and the Planning Commission, serving as both chair and vice-chair. In 2004 I was elected to the city council. This is the second time I have served as chair of the council. I also currently serve on the board for the Salt Lake County Sanitation District.

I volunteered to serve as a Planning Commissioner and on the Public Safety Committee because I cared about the future of the City and wanted to help in a positive way. I decided to run for city council because I saw a need for the City to be more progressive in its approach to economic development, and to improvements to the infrastructure and public rights-of-way. During my tenure we have made substantial progress but I feel there is much that still needs to be done. There are some projects/initiatives that are only partially done and I feel an obligation to see them to completion, which is the reason I am running for another term in office. 

As a city, we have been able to maintain the size of City government at the lowest level per capita in the county while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates of any city in the county. Over the next four years my goal is to focus on economic development initiatives in the City that will boost sales tax revenues by attracting new business to the City, and enhancing those that are already here, so that we can maintain our standard of living while keeping the cost of living at a minimum.

*Feel free to leave comments, but please keep them constructive.


  1. Ah, it's nice to put a face with Dave Ballou, who has made several comments on this blog. Ballou is Council member Johnson's son-in-law, I believe. I liked his story about his dad.

  2. Can't wait to see Kristie Overson on the city council. She is one sharp lady!


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