Thursday, July 21, 2011

City Council Meeting July 20, 2011 and Samoan Festival

The City Council approved a text change on a zoning ordinance regarding carports, awnings, patios (anything with three sides that is anchored to the house). The ordinance originally required 15 feet from the property line if a three sided structure was to be approved. Now it's been changed to five feet from the property line. Buildings can not cover more than 25 percent of the yard area, and that part of the ordinance did not change.

An interesting conditional use permit appeal was heard by the Council. City code says only two dogs per residence are allowed. Residents wanting more have to obtain an animal hobby permit from the city. A resident requested one of these permits, and the Planning Commission denied the request. The resident appealed, so the City Council heard the appeal. Several neighbors complained of ongoing barking and smells from the property. The Council had three options - to set a date to hear an appeal, to remand the matter back to the Planning Commission based on new evidence, or to uphold the Planning Commission's decision, which was denial. The Council voted 2-1 to uphold the Planning Commission decision. Barbour and Pratt voted to uphold the PC denial, Rechtenbach voted against.

The council discussed the proposed Land Use Development Code. This code has been rewritten and approved by the Planning Commission. Each council meeting the council will take a few chapters of it to discuss and approve.

The council approved a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice programs in the amount of $41,988 for police software and equipment update.

After the council meeting was over, it was fun to chat with some of the city council candidates. I saw Israel Grossman, John Gidney, and Ernest Burgess there from District 1. Obviously Pratt was there, from District 2, and so was Marsha Rosati-Dykes and Kristie Steadman Overson. Rechtenbach and Dave Ballou were there, from District 3.

Some of us walked over to the Samoan Festival on the city hall property, after the meeting. It was so much fun! The city has let the Samoan Community use the open space at city hall for their festival, in exchange for some help with the new grass maintenance. There were all kinds of food booths, entertainment, and music. The festival goes until Saturday night. It goes throughout the day and until 10 p.m. each evening, so stop by over the next few days!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful information..but make you clear with the things, when you planning for carport, shed or any kind of construction you need to take Approval from the Council...and the best suggestion is to hire a town planner who has been update with all the legal formalities and help you to provide a approval in limited time...


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