Wednesday, August 3, 2011

City Council Update for Aug. 3, 2011

The Mayor reported on the Samoan Festival that took place at the City Center Property. The Samoan Community agreed to maintain the new lawn in front of City Hall in exchange for use of the city property for their annual Samoan Festival.
City engineer reported on the homes that were flooding. Over the past eight days Taylorsville has had an immense amount of rainfall. At 6200 South 2700 West, the storm drain failed and there was minor road damage, causing an intersection closure for a couple of days. Most homes are flooding because of the amount of rainfall.
The LARP committee gave recognition for the Best of Taylorsville Home and Business Beautification Awards. Several residents were nominated because of their beautiful landscaping. The winner was chosen and a plaque and gift basket was presented.
David Gourley, from Granite School District, gave an update on the Hartvigsen School that is being built by Taylorsville High School and Plymouth Elementary. Enrollment is 225 and the students are non-driving students and will be bussed. The principal for Hartvigsen said one reason they wanted to locate there was so there could be interaction with the students at Taylorsville High School. As I understand it, because the school districts are a separate entity they don’t have to go through the planning process or inspection process. They have no obligation to receive “approval” by the Taylorsville Planning Commission or City Council. The council asked to have the school district present the plan to the surrounding neighbors just so they would know what was going on. The council wants the school district to take the needs of the adjacent residents into account.
When the city bought property in conjunction with the continuous flow intersection on 6200 South Redwood Road, there was a small piece of property left once the roads were reconfigured. The property has three roads surrounding it. The city is looking at selling the property for less than market value to Habitat for Humanity home. By selling it and having a home built through this organization, it would ensure that an owner-occupied home was built there.  Residents had various concerns and the council tabled the matter. The city engineer will be working with the neighbors on this item.
MY FAVORITE MOMENT OF THE EVENING: Bruce Wasden, former city councilman and one of Taylorsville’s “Founding Fathers” came and spoke about concerns for 6020 South and respecting the area.  As he walked from the podium, out the door, Council member Rechtenbach reminded him to stop and fill out a comment form before he left. Wasden responded with, “She knows who I am. Write it up, Cheryl!” And then he promptly exited. The audience had a good chuckle!
The City Council approved a monetary contribution for the Taylorsville Arts Council and Youth Little League. They will be giving $1000 to each organization.
The council accepted the 2011 VOCA Victim Assistance Funds in the amount of $33,065. They accepted the 2011 Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) Taylorsville PD equipment replacement program in the amount of $5000. They also approved accepted a grant from the Administrative Office of the Courts in the amount of $1000.
Each council meeting the Community Development Department will be presenting several chapters of the new Land Development Code for discussion only.
The RDA meeting was held right after the council meeting. The details were discussed on an RDA bond. The city council approved a $10 million bond, which is basically a line of credit. Their plans are to use it for economic development efforts in the city. (With revenue declining in the city, the council feels it’s important to beef up our revenue source – which is business sales tax revenue.) The first draw on this line-of-credit is in process - $4.6 million. The plans for these funds will be for land acquisition and infrastructure, in the area of 5400 South and west of Bangerter Highway. It passed unanimously.

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  1. No mention of the Mayor's "Hilarious" joke about those poor folks who had their homes flooded? That was a real knee-slapper.


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