Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Council update for Aug. 10, 2011

The city council work session began this evening with a discussion on electronic meetings procedures. This would enable council members to participate in council meetings via phone or the internet. The statute requires you can hold an electronic meeting, but you must have an ordinance in order to vote. Some of the council felt like there still should be a quorum (three or more council members) physically present. The city attorney will now write a draft ordinance and bring it before the council at a future council meeting in September.
The council originally had planned to discuss several chapters of the new Land Development code, but decided to move it to their next meeting.
Council member Pratt gave some information on “Celebrate Your Museum Day” on Sept. 24. I will find out more info on it and post it on our website and Facebook page.
Council meeting ended after only 25 minutes. Some say it set a city record for the quickest council meeting ever!
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