Thursday, August 25, 2011

Road Construction Updates

‘Tis the season for road construction in Taylorsville! This is not something we necessarily brag about, but hopefully we will all be happy when it’s over and driving through the city is smooth sailing.
Here are a few updates on road construction in the city:

1300 West from 5550 - 5400 South Due to the heavy rains and flooding this summer, 1300 West is closed, possibly until next spring. Taylorsville City engineers noticed movement on the canal bank and settlement within the roadway, which has caused concern for the safety of vehicles. The City is being very cautious due to the potential hazards created by the utilities in the roadway, including large gas and water lines. They are concerned that the vibrations of vehicles going over the roadway may cause additional movement and have closed the road. Taylorsville engineers have had a geotechnical investigation done and are waiting for the results. Based on those results, they will be determining the best course of action to mitigate the issues. There is the potential that the road could be closed until next spring while they work through a solution for design and construction of the new roadway.
4700 South and 3200 West - Currently 3200 West is down to one lane in this area. City engineers are repairing storm drain issues. 
The following projects are being done by UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) --
5400 South Redwood Road intersection - The new CFI’s (Continuous Flow Intersections) are a priority for UDOT. This particular one is now operational (after a bit of a rough start this week). It should be all completed in the next three weeks.
5400 South Bangerter Highway intersection - This CFI has been operational for about a month and a half. 
Speaking of 5400 South... - The flex lanes between Redwood Road and Bangerter Highway are planning to be operational in October.                                                      
6200 South Bangerter Highway - This intersection will also transition to a CFI. Currently one lane is closed, depending on rush hour. (So if you are headed westbound down 6200 South in the morning, you will most likely encounter some congestion.) The construction in this area should be complete next summer.
5400 South 4015 West - In this area, 5400 South will change so that left turns are not allowed and “median u-turns” will be available. Construction on this project is scheduled to begin soon.
To get more information from UDOT on any of these projects, you can go to their website at

I continue to update the Taylorsville City Facebook page with road construction updates, so "like" our page at if you want to get city updates through Facebook. 

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