Monday, August 29, 2011

Taylorsville - the City of Volunteers!

Friday night Taylorsville City held a volunteer picnic to honor those who give of their time in the city. It has really got me thinking about all the great people who make Taylorsville what it is.

I know many cities have citizen committees, but there is something different about our city. Ever since the inception of Taylorsville, we have had hundreds of people willing to give time and resources to benefit our community.

I have heard people ask, "How can I be involved?" Well... let me give you a list to choose from:

Arts Council
Budget Review
Economic Development
Green Committee
Historic Preservation
LARP  (Leisure, Activities, Recreation and Parks)
Ordinance Review
Public Safety
Healthy Taylorsville

Generally these committees meet once a month. If something jumps out at you, call City Hall and get more information - 801-963-5400.

There are other groups that utilize citizen volunteers. The Planning Commission is a group of citizens, appointed by the City Council to make decisions regarding planning and zoning. Taylorsville Dayzz is an enormous production every year and needs several hundred volunteers to make it happen. CERT is a community emergency response team that is used for city emergencies.

Currently we have several hundred volunteers in the city and we are always looking for more! If there is something that looks interesting to you, call City Hall.

*If I've missed a committee, please leave a comment or email me so I can fix it. :)

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