Monday, August 8, 2011

Taylorsville's new Land Development Code

By Mark McGrath
Community Development Director
Over the next few months, the city council will be reviewing a new proposed Land Development Code for adoption. This code has already gone through city staff and then was presented to the Planning Commission for review and an official recommendation to the City Council. At this point there is about a year's worth of effort in the project.
Essentially the Land Development Code project is a complete re-write of all of our development codes, (i.e. zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, etc.) and unification into one comprehensive document.
When the City of Taylorsville incorporated it was largely to gain control over land use and development issues. Ironically, however, we pretty much just brought over Salt Lake County's development ordinances. Our original general plan (1997) and comprehensive update (2006) established a new vision for the community. But without the appropriate ordinances in place, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to implement that vision. Generally, the primary motivation of this project was to marry the two documents (general plan and development ordinances) by adopting regulations that will help create the community that we envision in the general plan. More specifically, the primary objectives of the project were to:
1.       Bring our ordinances into complete compliance with recent changes to state law.
2.       Update the codes so that they better address current trends and land uses.
3.       Create flexibility in order to enhance economic development opportunities.
4.       Streamline the entitlement processes.
5.       Establish higher design standards for all new projects.
6.       Establish higher architectural design standards for commercial buildings.
7.       Make the codes more user-friendly by including more illustrations.
In all, the proposed development code has 37 chapters. The proposed code, as recommended by the Planning Commission, can be found at this link.

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