Monday, August 1, 2011

This blog will be changing...

Last week I was offered a contract to handle marketing and public relations for Taylorsville City. This contract includes fostering better communication with businesses, residents, employees, citizen committees, elected officials and the media. My goal is to improve the overall image of Taylorsville.

I mention this here because this new position affects this blog. Since I will be working with the city as a contractor, I feel it would not be appropriate for me to be so opinionated in a forum such as this. I originally started this blog for a few reasons. First of all, I hoped to help shape public policy. I see some things that I think should be different and my hope was to educate involved citizens so good decisions would be made. Secondly, I wanted to communicate with Taylorsville residents. I have found that residents are hungry for the sort of information posted here. Not everyone can attend every city council meeting, and yet many residents want to know what their elected officials are doing. The absence of open dialogue is a warning sign for any community. It ramps up emotions and prevents good policy discussion. Lastly, it was good therapy for me. When I was frustrated with some of the decision-making, it helped to write out my thoughts.

That being said, it has been a tough decision to post for this new job. I really like being a citizen activist and standing up for what I believe in. I love helping with campaigns and sharing my opinions. I know working for Taylorsville will change my role in the city. After many sleepless nights and some good advice from friends, I realize that I can impact the city more in this new role, so I am walking away from a nine-year mortgage business and redirecting my efforts to help Taylorsville prosper.

I have had some ask, "What will happen to Taylorsville Tidbits?" 

Beginning tomorrow you will see some changes to this blog. Instead of being a soap box for my opinions on politics, it will be an informational source on things going on in Taylorsville. You will still get information about the issues and details of city council meetings. But instead of hearing what I think about those issues, you will get a chance to figure out what you really think.

Another new change -- this blog will host guest writers from time to time. 

I am excited about this new adventure and appreciate those of you who are faithful readers of Taylorsville Tidbits. Stay tuned...

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