Monday, August 15, 2011

Working at City Hall

Approximately two weeks ago I started working at City Hall. I've been handling the PR and communications for Taylorsville. I work as a contractor, which means I'm not an "official" employee who gets benefits - just paid an hourly wage. I work about 30 hours per week.

The first day at work, the HR director took me around and introduced me to everyone. Because of my years of involvement in the city, I knew most of the employees in Community Development and Administration. I got to meet some new people in the police department and court. Everyone was very friendly.

One thing I don't like is that I sit at a desk in the middle of the administration office and everyone can hear everything I say. I have been so used to working from home and having privacy, so this has been a big adjustment.

The thing I am most impressed by are the employees. What a great group of people! They all work hard and do their best for the city. It is so great to see how well everyone gets along. They all have each other's backs and it's kind of like a family.

It has been interesting to hear people comment on how we don't have funds for this and that, but then they try to make things work on a limited budget. Taylorsville doesn't have the fat that a lot of cities have. (Take my job for instance -- another city in the valley has a five-person communications department.) Many of these employees do the job that two or three people do in other cities. They all work very hard to make things happen for the good of the city.

Another great aspect of my job has been the interaction with our citizen committees. We have so many amazing volunteers in Taylorsville! Seriously, I am in awe by people like Brett and Rhetta McIff, Steve Ashby, Connie Taney, and so many others who donate time and resources to the city, and save taxpayers a lot of money!!

I am truly finding that it's the people that make Taylorsville special - employees, volunteers and residents. I am proud to be a Taylorsville resident!

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  1. Does this mean that you will no longer be critical of certain issues/people when it is appropriate? Your objectivity was your greatest asset?


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