Friday, September 16, 2011

Primary Election Results

By Michael Kwan

Primary Election Results

By now, you’ve most likely seen or heard the results of the primary election held on Tuesday, September 13, 2011.  In District 1, Israel M. Grossman and Ernest Glen Burgess finished within four votes of each other to move on to the general election in November.  In District 2, incumbent Morris Pratt survived the primary and will face a tough campaign with Kristie Steadman Overson who finished first in the polls with 133 more ballots than Pratt.  In District 3, incumbent Jerry Rechtenbach cruised through the primary collecting over 52% of the votes.  He will face Dave Ballou in November.
While we congratulate the candidates who will move on the general election, we should thank all who gave their time, efforts and money to run for office.  It isn’t easy to put yourself out there, share your ideas and vision for the city hoping that it all resonates with the electorate.  It is particularly difficult in municipal elections that are non-partisan which means little to no help or guidance from political parties. 
Knowing this, a few brave souls tossed their hats into the ring.  Democracy works best when people come forward to present their ideas on improving our government.  In the marketplace of ideas, our Founding Father had faith that the best ideas would rise to the top.  Competition for political office is essential to ensuring that our government continues to represent the ideals of the people.  So if you happen to see John E. Gidney, William J. "Bill" Forsgren, Marsha RosatiDykes or Daniel Steven Isham pat them on the back, thank them and encourage them to stay involved and engaged in improving our city.
On another note. . .
As you no doubt have heard, our community suffered a great loss with the death of Sherri Winder in a tragic car accident.  She and husband, Kent, who suffered serious injuries as well, owned Winder Farms.  Together, they were the rare combination of successful business owners, responsible corporate partners, civic minded individuals and devoted parents.  Sherri was the co-chair of the Taylorsville Incorporation effort. Kent served on Taylorsville’s first City Council.  Kent and Sherri are the parents of our own Aimee Newton, Taylorsville’s Director of Communications (and the usual author of this blog).  Although I did not know Sherri in this lifetime, from what I have learned through my association with the remarkable daughter she raised, she must have been a very special person. 

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