Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on Sept. 7, 2011 City Council Meeting

The Mayor introduced Adam D. Larson as the new Taylorsville Orchestra Conductor. The orchestra will be doing a Halloween performance.

Congratulations to the Lopez family who won for the Best of Taylorsville award. They have a beautiful yard which was recognized in the meeting.

Reagan Gabbitas from the Youth Council reported that the Community Yard Sale was a success. The Youth Council is urging people to "Commit to be Fit." (Taylorsville wants to win the Salt Lake County award as the fittest city in the County. Please click on this link to sign up. (And you get a free smoothie!)

The Council unanimously approved appointments to the employee appeal board. Ken Cook and Dean Paynter are the new board members.

The city engineer gave an update on some of the road construction projects. The intersection at 6200 S. Bangerter is under construction. Storm drain construction in Misty Hills is underway. At 4015 W. 5400 S. there will be median U-turns. Because of the new flex lanes on 5400 South, UDOT feels this is a good way to mitigate heavy traffic issues at 5400 S. 4015 W. There have been concerns that the safety of the Kearns Jr. High students may be compromised. Mayor Wall recommended a fence be installed between the junior high and the u-turn area to mitigate safety issues with kids running into the street.

The highlight of the night was the Economic Development presentation by the new Economic Development Director, Don Adams. The Economic Development Team has identified five geographic areas of concentration for the next six months - 4100 South Redwood Road, 4800 South Redwood Road, 5400 South Bangerter Highway, 5400 South Redwood Road (Family Center), and 6200 South Redwood Road. They will be concentrating on attracting new retailers and restaurants, revitalizing shopping centers, attracting new employers, and marketing to select groups.

The city is focused on providing retailers and businesses solid facts and figures which clearly point to Taylorsville as a quiet giant which provides greater levels of disposable income than most other communities in the valley. The city is discovering that with detailed data, developers and businesses, perceptions of Taylorsville are changing for the better.

If you would like a copy of this presentation, please email me at

The Council spent a good amount of time discussing Chapter 11 of the Land Development Code. After discussing guest houses for awhile, they decided to finish the rest of the discussion at the work session next week.

The council passed a resolution joining the National Moment of Rememberance of the 10th Anniversary of September 11th. Taylorsville City will be doing a moment of silence at 11 a.m. on September 11th. During this minute, police cars and fire trucks will be sounding their sirens. See this link for more details.

There was a group of Salt Lake Community College students in a sign language class who came to the meeting and took turns signing to each other. I spoke with them and they said it was extremely difficult to translate a council meeting.

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