Thursday, October 20, 2011

City Council Update for Oct. 19, 2011

The City Council entertained a motion and appointed   Paul Sommer, to the citizen volunteer Economic Development Committee. Paul has been in the banking industry for 33 years and has previously served as a member of the Taylorsville board of Adjustments, as a Boy Scout Leader and has coached both youth basketball and baseball.

City Administrator John Inch Morgan, representing Mayor Russ Wall who is participating in planning and emergency training exercises sponsored by the federal government in Washington D.C. and Emmittsburg, Maryland, presented the Taylorsville City Youth Ambassadors for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

A selection committee interviewed the Taylorsville City Youth Ambassadors applicants on October 4, 2011. The new Youth Ambassadors are Aubrey Thomson, Bailey Wyatt, Joel Gardner, Kimberly Forsyth and Regan Gabbitas. They are all seniors at Taylorsville High School and are also currently serving on Taylorsville City Youth Council.

The City Council also appointed two “Municipal Inspectors” by adopting Ordinance 11-18 which brings the City into compliance with recently adopted changes to the Utah Code (UCA 10-11-1) and the Taylorsville Code of Ordinances (Chapter 9.10) concerning code enforcement.

Representatives from the United States Army, Utah National Guard, made a presentation to the City Council introducing the “Community covenant Program”. First Lieutenant Earl Simmons acted as spokesperson. The Community Covenant Program is an initiate created in 2008 by the United States Army, designed to reach out to all military service members regardless of service branch. The intent of the program is to encourage cities and towns across the country to formally commit their support to service members (current and former) and military families residing within their communities. The initiative in Utah began in early 2010 with a Community Covenant Citation read on the floor of the Utah House and Senate.

Mr. Morgan stated that Mayor Wall and the Administration whole-heartedly supported the program and asked the Council to support for the program. All three City Council members thanked the three soldiers for their service and expressed unwavering support for the program. John Inch Morgan was designated as the liaison for future coordination.

Unified Fire Authority Battalion Chief Jay Ziolkowski presented the quarterly Fire and Emergency Medical services report for the period July 1, 2011 through September 2011. Chief Ziolkowski began his presentation with an amusing video that posed the question “What would City Council meetings be like if Firefighters ran the City?” The questions was asked, “Here is a request for clean water. Do we want clean water?” After a resounding yes, the phase, Firefighters Get things Done!

The report showed that fire calls for the quarter, compared to 2010 are down 53 calls from 298 to 245. Medical calls increased from 994 call in the first quarter 2011 compared to 976.

Judge Michael Kwan presented the Municipal Court Monthly Briefing, emphasizing the fact that filings have decreased by 7% in July, and by 24% in August, however, the court has disposed of 127% of the cases filed. In answering the questions, Judge Kwan attributed the decline in cases filed, at least in part, from reduced traffic citations being filed. There was some discussion about the deployment of officers for traffic safety, traffic overtime in the budget and police traffic control practices. It was determined that these issues would best be discussed with Chief Del Craig in a future City Council Meeting.

Discussion of the Proposed Land Development Code ensued.

The Council entertained and passed Resolution 11-30 accepting a total of $9,001 in Emergency Management Performance Grant from the Utah Department of Public Safety. The grant is intended to purchase emergency response and emergency mitigation equipment.

City Attorney John Brems presented Resolution 11-29, Recertifying the Taylorsville Municipal Court. The Council approved the Resolution.

As Acting Chairman Larry Johnson polled the Council for New Items. While the Council did not have any items, a resident asked the Council to consider a future discussion on aggressive animals. Mr. Morgan was directed to have schedule the issue for discussion in November and invite Animal Services Director Kelly Davis.

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