Wednesday, November 16, 2011

City Council Meeting - Nov. 16, 2011

Mayor Wall spoke about the Veterans Programs last Friday. The parade and program were a success and Wall thanked all those involved.

Elaine Waegner, a recent retiree from the city, was appointed to the Taylorsville Dayzz Committee. She was also presented with a plaque for her many years of service to the city, and given a standing ovation.

Gregory Poole was appointed to the Economic Development Committee.

Gregory J. Christiansen was appointed as an administrative enforcement hearing officer.

Laura Hanson, from the Jordan River Commission, gave a report. Many volunteers have helped to make the Jordan River area nice. The Commission is working on a trail map, signage, and funding for the tunnel to connect under 90th S. Once that's completed, people will be able to ride a bike from 200 South to 14800 South.

Pam Roberts, executive director for Salt Lake County Sanitation, gave her quarterly report. Weekly recycling collection is going well. When asked about doing green waste collection, she said it would be up to public demand as to whether or not they start doing it. Residents can take their customer service survey by going to this link and scrolling down. There is a weekly glass collection bin by the Senior Center on 4800 S. Redwood Road.

Judge Michael Kwan gave his court report. The revenue numbers are down by $30K, but the expenses are down $33K.

Planning Matters
An appeal of an animal hobby permit denial was brought before the council. They have the option to uphold the planning commission decision, remand it back to the commission, or hear the appeal. The council voted to uphold the planning commission decision.

The council approved the sale of property at 2024 W. 6200 S. to Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity. A "green" home will be built for a woman who has been putting in her hours with Habitat for Humanity. Neighbors were happy with the outcome.

City attorney, John Brems asked the council to enact a temporary moratorium on Reiki, Shiatsu, and Thai massages. They are not recognized as proper, licensed massage and the city has had some problems with these being used inappropriately. Until the city can figure out how to best deal with these, the council has temporarily banned them with this moratorium, which received unanimous approval.

Financial Matters
The public hearing was held for the CDBG funds. CDBG stands for Community Development Block Grant. These funds are given to cities that are experiencing poverty, to distribute to non-profit organizations to help in their communities. A representative from the Road Home and Assist came to ask for funding.

The council authorized the acceptance of a grant from ZAP (Zoo, Arts, and Parks) Tier II for the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center in the amount of $4732.

Mark McGrath, Community Development Director, led a discussion of the proposed Land Development Code. The council discussed Chapter 26 - signage and outdoor advertising. The council discussed specifics regarding standards for temporary signs, news racks, and permanent signs (pole, monument, and wall signs). The council discussed the fine line between supporting business and economic development, and keeping the community aesthetics in check by diminishing clutter.

John Inch Morgan, city administrator, discussed the park at City Center with the council. He proposed fees for various uses and guidelines to manage the park.

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