Thursday, November 3, 2011

City Council Update, Pit Bulls, and Campaign Disclosures - Nov. 2, 2011

The hot topic in Taylorsville yesterday was pit bulls.

We had many calls yesterday at City Hall - from a radio station, the humane society, and numerous residents. Somehow a rumor started that the council would be considering an ordinance to ban pit bulls at the council meeting.

Two weeks ago a woman spoke at the city council meeting asking for the council to consider an ordinance to ban pit bulls in the city. The council has plans to hear a presentation about pit bulls from our animal services director next Wednesday.

According to the animal services director, on Oct. 10 a pit bull attacked and killed a cat in a Taylorsville neighborhood. The animal was detained, the owners were cited, and the dog has since moved out of the city.

Neighbors were upset from this incident. According to some residents at the council meeting, other incidents have occurred and neighbors have submitted a petition to get rid of pit bulls.

Other people spoke out during citizen comment time in favor of vicious dog ordinances, tethering, but against breed-specific ordinances. This issue was not on the agenda, but anyone can speak about any issue during citizen comment time.

Mayor's report
Mayor Wall gave his report and thanked staff who attended the EMI conference over the past two weeks. This conference trained staff on emergency management. (See previous posts for details.) Mayor reported that the path between the Senior Center and Jones Dairy was completed. It is the first canal trail in the city and we are grateful for the relationship with the canal company. Lastly, Elaine Waegner, volunteer and events coordinator, has officially retired from the city.

Best of Taylorsville award
The Bowen family, on Quailstone Drive, received the Best of Taylorsville Home and Business Beautification Award. They lived in Las Vegas and then moved to Taylorsville. They wanted to move to a neighborhood where people take care of their yards and they love all the stares as people drive by.

Council approved the adoption of an interlocal cooperative agreement with Salt Lake Community College for the transfer of property located at 2200 W. 4700 S.

Council approved a sub-grant agreement between the city and Salt Lake County for the conduct of a home investment partnership program.

Council accepted a grant from the State of Utah in the amount of $100,000 to support the city's effort to construct the Taylorsville Veterans Memorial.

Land Use Development Code
The council discussed Chapters 24, 27, and 28 of the new Land Use Development Code. Chapter 24, Parking Access and Circulation Requirements, is fairly consistent with our existing code but will improve landscaping and improved access to parking lots of busy streets. It also includes some residential. Most of the council discussion revolved around parking recreational vehicles on private property. Chapter 27, Grading and Excavating, is a new section of our code that will provide regulations for builders when they change the natural grading. In staff's opinion this will be a vast improvement to our existing code. The council echoed that sentiment. Chapter 28, Fencing and Retaining Walls, provides direction on how tall fences can be and provides protections to prevent fences from blocking clear view for vehicles.

Newsletter Options
Last month options were given to the Council to look into alternate distribution of city information. Currently we use the Taylorsville Kearns Journal by buying advertising space for our city newsletter. This month the council looked at doing a separate city newsletter, paying extra money to mail the Journal, or continuing with the current method of distribution. They decided to stay with the Journal and urge management to make sure it is being delivered to residents.

Election Financial Disclosures
As a side-note, financial disclosures were due Nov. 1 from all candidates who filed to run for city council. If you are interested in the campaign financial statements, you can click here and look up each candidate's info by clicking on their name. Elections are next Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 7 a.m.- 8 p.m.

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