Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Council Members Elected!

Tonight was the municipal elections where three council seats were up for re-election. The results are in and two new council members will be joining the Taylorsville City Council in January. Only one incumbent will remain.

In District 1, Ernest Burgess and Israel Grossman ran a hotly-contested race. In the end, only 56 votes separated the two. Ernest Burgess won with 505 votes to Israel Grossman's 449. The final percentages were 52.71% to 46.87%.

In District 2, Kristie Steadman Overson defeated Morris K. Pratt with 660 to 432 votes. The final percentages were 60.38% to 39.52%.

In District 3, Jerry Rechtenbach defeated Dave Ballou 466 to 304 votes. The final percentages were 60.21% to 39.28%.

Congratulations to those who worked so hard and ran such great campaigns! This was one of the most exciting elections years we have ever had.

Provisional ballots will still need to be counted and could slightly change the vote totals. The final canvassing will be done in two weeks and all the votes will be certified then.

For election results of all Salt Lake County races, click here.

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