Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Pit Bull Legislation in Taylorsville

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No Pit Bull Legislation in Taylorsville
Taylorsville elected officials have decided not to develop an ordinance to ban pit bull dog breeds from the city. They will be looking to strengthen existing vicious animal ordinances.
Several weeks ago a resident spoke at a council meeting, asking city council members to ban pit bulls. Citizens on both sides of the issue spoke at the next meeting and the council heard reports from two representatives from  Taylorsville/West Valley Animal Services.
Both the city administration and council have stated that they are not interested in breed-specific restrictions. They are, however, interested in tightening their vicious animal ordinance and have referred the matter to the  Ordinance Review committee. 
“Enforcing a breed-specific ordinance becomes problematic,” Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach stated. “Currently there is no Legislation pending on this issue.”
Taylorsville Mayor Russ Wall was also concerned about enforcing an ordinance of this nature. He believes that pet owners should be the ones held responsible. “I support stronger vicious animal ordinances that send a clear message to pet owners,” Wall said. “In Taylorsville, we will not tolerate vicious animals.”

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