Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taylorsville's Got Talent!

Friday, Nov. 4 was the Taylorsville Arts Council debut of "Taylorsville's Got Talent." To show support for the Arts Council, Mayor Russ Wall, Senate President Michael Waddoups, Senator Karen Mayne, Representative Johnny Anderson, and Representative Wayne Harper opened the evening by lip syncing, "Taking Care of Business."

This song, originally sung in the 70's by BTO - Bachman-Turner Overdrive, earned its place in Taylorsville history as the new group, BTO - Bennion-Taylorsville Overdrive, performed with great enthusiasm.

This is the first year the Arts Council has done "Taylorsville's Got Talent," but they hope to make it an annual event. This community talent show had 14 contestants who performed and judges awarded the winners with a cash prize and opportunity to perform at Taylorsville Dayzz.

"Taylorsville has many talented musicians, from American Idol contestant Megan Joy, to "High School Musical" actor Ryne Sanborn," said Mayor Wall. "We are proud of the many talented adults and children in our city."

Special thanks to Mask Costumes in Taylorsville, a year-round costume shop, for providing the amazing costumes for this event, including Mayor Wall's vintage polyester bell-bottoms. Guitar Center of Taylorsville was very generous to allow us to use some of their electric guitars. Both of these shops have some incredible things, so stop by - they are located in the 5400 S. Redwood Road area and have been great supporters of Taylorsville!

Thanks to Taylorsville High School band for the use of their drums and keyboard. We especially want to thank the contestants, who so willingly shared their talents with us. A big thanks to all the members of the Taylorsville Arts Council for all their hard work to make this a successful event!

Now... if you want a good laugh, watch this:

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