Thursday, December 15, 2011

City Council Update - Dec. 14, 2011

The council meeting began with an open house for outgoing council members Bud Catlin and Morris Pratt.  Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach began the meeting by recognizing these two council members for their years of service. A proclamation for each of them was read, signed by the council chair and Mayor Wall. 

Catlin's proclamation honored achievements including helping to form the City of Taylorsville Police Department, organizing Public Safety and Healthy Taylorsville promotional events and in advocating for his constituents.

Pratt's proclamation honored achievements with preserving the Taylorsville-Bennion area’s history, caring for citizens in need by championing the creation, construction and operation of the Taylorsville Food Bank, and by his general advocacy for his constituents.

City administrator John Inch Morgan said in an email, "In as much as I am unable to attend Wednesday, please extend my heartfelt appreciation for these men. In writing the proclamations I realized how much of an impact these individuals have had in bringing the city to where it is today."

Mayor Wall also shared his appreciation for the time these men have spent away from their families to serve the city. He said the city has felt their impact and will for years to come.

Pratt and Catlin had an opportunity to speak. "It's been a great ride," said Pratt. "I am grateful for this city - one of the best cities in the state."

Catlin said he started his public service in the mid 50's. He said, "It's been fun and I will miss it."

Other Council matters:

Dave Ballou was appointed to the Ordinance Review Committee. 

Police Chief Del Craig discussed the VAWA and VOCA grants and gave his quarterly report.

The council unanimously accepted a $500 grant from the Utah Department of Health - Division of Disease Control and Prevention. Catlin praised the Healthy Taylorsville committee for their involvement in this.

The council had a discussion on prohibiting smoking on or in city-owned parks, trails, and recreation facilities. The Council asked to have it brought back at a future meeting.

A discussion was held on the proposed Land Development Code. Chapter 32 was site plan review, which states the process the city goes through in reviewing a plan. Chapter 33 was the conditional use permit chapter. It establishes the standards for granting conditional use permits and brings the city into compliance with state law in relation to conditional uses. Chapter 34 is on appeals and variances. It articulates the process the city goes through when they hear an appeal or a request on a variance. The Council had few questions on these chapters.

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