Thursday, December 8, 2011

City Council update for Dec. 7, 2011

Mayor Russ Wall gave his Mayor's report and included an update on visiting the Silvercrest senior living facility on 2099 W. 4700 S. It is a newly-built facility that will eventually house 186 units.

Royce Larsen was unanimously appointed to the Budget Committee.

Aubrey Thompson from the Youth Council gave a report. The Youth Council is currently working on their annual Sub-for-Santa project.

Ed Erickson and Rob Wood with Hanson, Bradshaw, Malmrose & Erickson, did the 2010-2011 annual financial report and fiscal year audit report. They said that the city's net assets decreased by only $300K. The city's reserve fund balance is $4.3 million. He deemed the fund balance to be "very healthy." We are in the upper part of the range for the maximum, which is 18 percent. Council member Dama Barbour said, "I'd like to thank the firm for their hard work, and also thank the administration. I like to see these kind of reports." City administrator John Inch Morgan said, "This is really a report card for Scott (Harrington) and he got an A+ for a job well done." Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach continued the praise, "We've had a clean report for so many years now, and it says a lot about our administration."

The council unanimously approved a minimum bid for property at 1881 W. 6200 S. for $140,000.

John Inch Morgan presented an inter local agreement for the development of a Taylorsville-Murray transit corridor study. The total cost would be $420K. Taylorsville would pay $80K, with UTA bearing the largest cost. This has been a very important project to the Mayor and the community development department. Council member Catlin was concerned about giving money to UTA for fear that we wouldn't get anything out of it. Council member Barbour made a motion to approve it. Council member Johnson was the only dissenting vote and it passed 3-1.

Tonight the council reviewed the proposed Land Development Code. Chapter 29 was Addressing and Street Naming, Chapter 30 was Subdivision Review, and Chapter 31 and Condominium Development. There was relatively little discussion on these chapters and the council approved the draft as submitted.

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