Thursday, December 29, 2011

City of Taylorsville Highlights of 2011

As we near the end of 2011, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the events of the past year. Here are a few:

On Nov. 11, we held our annual Veterans Day program and parade. The first sculpture for the Veterans Memorial was displayed. The Memorial will be finished by Memorial Day 2012.

It was fun to have an Apache helicopter land prior to the Veterans program. We also enjoyed hearing from Governor Gary Herbert.

Taylorsville Dayzz, at the end of June, is always a fun event. We have the best fireworks display in the whole state. It was great to have Abracadabra perform an ABBA tribute, as well as an Elvis impersonator. Carnival rides, booths, and a parade help to celebrate Taylorsville's birthday celebration. This year we celebrated our 15th birthday as a city! 

The Taylorsville Arts Council hosted the very first, "Taylorsville's Got Talent," a fun community talent show. We hope it becomes an annual event!

To kick off the first year, we had a special guest band - BTO (Bennion Taylorsville Overdrive) perform, "Taking Care of Business." (Senator Karen Mayne, Rep. Johnny Anderson, Rep. Wayne Harper, Senator Michael Waddoups, and Mayor Russ Wall were the performers.)

Wow! This past year Taylorsville residents have had to increase their patience while driving through the city. We had a plethora of construction projects - mostly new CFI (continuous flow intersections) - which are now finished. We look forward to 2012 for the Flex Lanes project on 5400 South and the new road on 1300 West being completed.

Good news on the financial front! Sales tax revenue in the city is beginning to improve. In the past five months we had a five percent increase in revenue. November 2011 saw an 11 percent increase over November 2010. Overall we are up 2.64 percent over the previous year.

The City Center property got a new look in 2011! After years of dusty, dirt fields, the eastern portion of City Center was sodded, thanks to a grant which funded the project. The Mayor, using his creativity, traded a four-day use of the property for the Samoan Festival, in exchange for mowing and other maintenance year-round.

It's a sled dog race without the dogs and without the sled. Folks grabbed their four best buddies (of the non-canine variety), got a shopping cart, created costumes, and decorated their cart for the ride of their life! This crazy event is called the Taylorsville Iditarod! It was a fun "race" by the LARP committee that began in 2011 and will become an annual Taylorsville tradition. (Put March 3rd on your calendar to participate in 2012.)

Lastly, Taylorsville City committed to improving resident communication in 2011. We now have various forms of social media - this blog, as well as city accounts on Facebook (over 580 users - make sure you are one of them!), Twitter and YouTube. Our city website was also re-designed in 2011!

We are looking forward to a great 2012! See you next year!

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