Monday, December 12, 2011

Farewell to Council members Bud Catlin and Morris Pratt

This Wednesday evening, Taylorsville residents will have an opportunity to bid farewell to two of our city council members - Bud Catlin and Morris Pratt.

The city will host an open house prior to their last council meeting from 6-6:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

I have tremendous respect for anyone willing to spend time away from their family, withstand public scrutiny, and give their best to improve their city. So I would like to highlight some things that these two council members have done over the years.

Council member Bud Catlin

Catlin was elected in 1997, and began his term 1998. He is the longest serving council member in Taylorsville. Catlin was involved in getting City Hall built and the Senior Center finished.

When Bud and Donna Catlin moved to Taylorsville in 1989, there were no sidewalks on the north side of the road by Fremont Elementary and he was concerned for the safety of the students. He was instrumental in getting a sidewalk put in, along with a fence, to provide safety for elementary school children.

Catlin felt it was important to put streetlights in all the neighborhoods and wanted to see that happen. He also helped secure the Taylorsville Rec Center and participated in building the skate park.

Catlin is proud of his record of voting against a tax increase.

"He has loved being on the council and being involved," said Donna Catlin. "I think he's really going to miss the camaraderie with his fellow council members. He has made a lot of long time friends."

Thank you for your 14 years of service, Council member Catlin!

Council member Morris Pratt

Pratt has served two terms, representing District 2 on the city council.

He is very proud of his role in helping the Taylorsville Food Pantry open. He would like to ask residents in Taylorsville to please make a donation to the Food Bank.

Pratt was instrumental in creating a plan for the city to own and operate the Taylorsville cemetery, thus helping to keep the maintenance up and preserve this historical place.

He was a big proponent of the Millrace Dog Park, and helped see that to fruition. Pratt was also instrumental in getting the Freedom Shrine Memorial completed on 4500 South by the Jordan River.

Probably some of Pratt's most active volunteerism has been to keep the historical area around 4800 South intact. He served as the advisor over the Historical Preservation Committee, and was supportive of the efforts of the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center.

Thank you for your eight years of service, Council member Pratt!

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