Thursday, January 5, 2012

City Council Update Jan. 4, 2012

Prior to the council meeting, the three new council members were sworn in. Council member Ernest Burgess will represent District 1, Council member Kristie Overson will represent District 2, and Council member Jerry Rechtenbach will continue to represent District 3.

The city council meeting began with the Mayor's report. He reported that the city has put in their application and have met all the qualifications to be a Tree City USA city. Because of volunteer efforts, with trees donated and volunteer hours, we have met this criteria. Thanks to Rhetta McIff and the LARP committee for their hard work in accomplishing this.

Every two years we start a cycle of new elected officials. Statutorily we are obligated to appoint a recorder and treasurer. Mayor Wall put forth John Inch Morgan as the city treasurer and Cheryl Cottle as the city recorder. This passed unanimously.

An ordinance restating the compensation for employees was proposed. This ordinance does not apply to elected officials. The council will set the salary ranges and the administration will administer the salaries. The council decided to table this item to next week's work session to discuss the matter further. Currently we have ordinances that say the council can approve individual salaries, which is an administrative function. The proposed changes still provide checks and balances by giving the council ability to approve the budget and salary ranges.

A grant was accepted by the council for the Utah Local Governments Trust. The amount of the grant is undetermined at this time and must be spent on safety equipment to reduce accidents or claims against the city.

The council is nearing the end of discussion on the proposed Land Development Code. Tonight they discussed chapter 35, which explains public notice requirements, and chapter 36, an 80-page section on definitions. Next week is the final chapter on new architectural design standards.

An ordinance to prohibit smoking on or in city-owned parks, trails, and recreation facilities was approved unanimously. The only change to the proposed ordinance was to add a provision to allow smoking in a vehicle.

On Jan. 28 the administration is hosting a Strategic Plan session where citizen committee members will be invited to attend and give input on the Strategic Plan.

Since it is a new year, the council elected a new chair and vice-chair. Council member Jerry Rechtenbach was re-elected as chair. Dama Barbour was elected as vice-chair.

Generally council members receive laptops to do city business. Because the two laptops from old council members were eight years old and would need to be replaced, the administration decided to purchase iPads for council members. The cost for the five iPads was less than replacing the two laptops. The administration has a goal to do everything paperless.

Council members were challenged to participate in the Taylorsville Urban Iditarod, which is coming up on March 3. For more information, see the Taylorsville Iditarod blog.

The 2012 Taylorsville City Council
Larry Johnson, Dama Barbour, Jerry Rechtenbach, Kristie Overson, Ernest Burgess

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