Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vista Elementary Second Graders Visit City Hall

Yesterday the entire Vista Elementary Second Grade walked to City Hall for a field trip. They came into the city council chambers and each one of them got a high five from Mayor Wall as they entered.

Mayor Wall began by talking to them about the city and some things he does as the mayor. He read them the book, "It's Fun to be the Mayor," by Mike Winder.

Then he introduced Council member Kristie Overson, who is over the district that Vista Elementary is in. Council member Overson enjoyed telling the kids how she got her job and about campaigning. She also told them that the council's role is to make the laws and approve the money spent on different things. She had two girls and three boys come to the front and sit in the council seats to pretend they were Council members Rechtenbach, Johnson, Burgess, Barbour and Overson.

The kids also heard from several staffers. Economic Development Director Donald Adams talked to the kids about businesses in the city.

Community Development Director Mark McGrath told the kids how buildings are approved by the city. He was even able to tell them that he went to Vista Elementary and grew up in that area!

Communications Director Aimee Newton told the students how she interacts with the media and gets information out to their parents through newsletters and social media.

City Administrator John Inch Morgan (in the photo above) also shared with the children the many things he is responsible for in the city.

Lastly, the students heard from Police Chief Del Craig. He told them how to stay safe and what the police department does to keep residents in the city safe.

"We were thrilled to host the second grade at Vista Elementary today," said Mayor Wall. "They were such an attentive audience and we are impressed with the great teachers who were willing to do this field trip."

As the students left, Chief Craig gave them each a Taylorsville Police Department frisbee to take home. They each also received a Taylorsville pin. We would encourage any other schools to come visit City Hall. Contact Aimee Newton for information -

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