Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Council Update - Feb. 8, 2012

The council had a brief discussion about the proposed mid-year budget adjustments. They discussed $25,000 for lawn mowing equipment and would like to weigh if it's cheaper to pay for equipment or have a contractor do the service and provide their own.

The council also discussed police overtime for traffic enforcement. They want to make the streets safer and looked favorably on adding this into the mid-year budget.

They also discussed the fund balance and what these changes would take the balance down to.

In conjunction with the re-write of the Land Use Development Code, a new zoning map was proposed. The council had discussion on different zoning designations and use of property.

The council discussed changing the election ordinance. The city recorder recommended a new ordinance to change the existing ordinance about requirements for campaign contributions. At the last meeting, the city attorney recommended the council remove campaign donation limits in order to avoid potential legal action in the future. The council is planning to vote on these ordinance changes at a future council meeting.

Council chair Rechtenbach suggested requiring a petition with 100 signatures for candidates desiring to run for office in Taylorsville. Since the cost of primary elections is significant, he felt that might be a way to make sure candidates are serious about running.

Council member Burgess suggested candidates receive more education when they file to run for office. He thought it would be good for them to understand the cost of a primary. He also thought it would be good for candidates to understand about how much it could cost to run a campaign and how much time it would take.

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