Thursday, February 23, 2012

Farewell to the Lions Club Building at Taylorsville Park

Several weeks ago, the small building on the corner of 4700 South Redwood Road, was demolished. This building, often known as the Lions Club building, served the community for many years.

It began life in the early 1940's as part of the military base at Camp Kearns. After being moved to the Taylorsville park location, it was remodeled and refurbished many times. Countless family reunions, club meetings and community activities were held there. The Taylorsville Lions Club was instrumental in its existence. 

Keith Sorensen, a Taylorsville resident, was the architect for several of the remodeling projects. "I am proud that my father and grandfather, as charter members of the Taylorsville Lions Club, played a role in its history," said Sorensen. "It lived its life well as a key social gathering place in the community. Farewell to a bit of our history."
Taylorsville Park is owned by both the city and county. North of the Skate Park is owned by Salt Lake County, and south of the Skate Park is owned by Taylorsville City. Many years ago the city commissioned  a master plan for the park before the Senior Center was built. This plan shows a berm going along 4700 South and down Redwood Road.
According to the Salt Lake County Parks department, the Lions Club building was demolished because it was in such poor shape. Concerns for public safety put this demolition on the top of the list. The department said the plans call for landscaping and a berm in this area, and they also want to upgrade the playground equipment. Unfortunately money is tight and they said it may be several years before this project receives funding from Salt Lake County. 

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