Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on City Council Meeting - Feb. 15, 2012

Deacon George Sluga, a resident of Taylorsville and a Deacon from St. Vincent's, gave a beautiful prayer to begin the meeting.

Citizen Comments
A resident of Misty Hills (area that is in the south-west corner of the city), spoke on the flooding issues in that area. She asked the council to fund the storm drain fix for that area.

An attorney from the Fraternal Order of Police came to talk about the employee appeals ordinance. He was concerned about the new ordinance leaning too heavily in the city's favor. Since he did not have more than two minutes to speak, the chair referred him to speak with the city attorney.

A resident addressed the council about campaign contribution limits throughout the nation. He believes the Supreme Court has not said that limits are not allowed. His comments were in reference to the proposed ordinance change that would remove campaign contribution limits.

Mayor's Report
Mayor Russ Wall proposed a proclamation to honor Japanese-American soldiers who served in World War II. He declared Feb. 18, 2012 as Congressional Gold Medal Day.

Mayor Wall also mentioned that he presented to the Senate Republican Caucus about funding the proposed Taylorsville-Murray Bus Rapid Transit line. He is hopeful that the Legislature will allocate the $4 million to study the project.

Several appointments to the Planning Commission took place - Israel Grossman, Dan Fazzini, and Curt Cochran. Cathy Jeffs, Lynn Mackay, and Lee Ellen Stevens were appointed to the Ordinance Review Committee.

The United Veterans Council presented Mayor Wall and the City of Taylorsville a "Citation of Appreciation" for their outstanding service and assistance in putting on the Veterans Parade and Program and supporting Veterans programs and activities.

Other Matters
The council unanimously granted an exception to the standards of roadway development for an Ivory Home development at 5455 S. Harker Ridge Lane. This exception is to locate a street closer than would otherwise be required by ordinance.

The council discussed items in the budget. A few of the hot topics included - funding the difference in the salaries for the three employees who were rolled back, and purchasing an industrial lawn mower versus contracting for lawn care services.

The council tabled the discussion on the employee appeals board to the next work session.

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