Monday, March 12, 2012

Taylorsville 2012 Art Show

Feb. 24 and 25 the Arts Council hosted the 2012 Taylorsville Art Show in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Over 350 visitors came to see the entries. There were 320 entries in fine arts, home arts and creative arts and over 160 artists that participated.

Here are the winners:

Mayor’s Choice:  Carlos Carhuaricra, Photography,  “New to the World”
People’s Choice:  Janeal A. Mecham, Gourd Art,  “Gourd Nativity”
Art’s Council Choice:  Mike Nikolaisen, Wood Carving, “Tsunami”
Best of Show:  Julie Dickerson, Photography, “Snow Covered Trees”
Youth Council’s Choice:  Ben Wickham, Colored Pencils, “Dragon Battle”
First Place Winners:
Tenaya K Holder, Crochet
 Eliza Gabbitas (3), Embroidery, Unique, Clay/Stone Sculpting
Shyann Langenegger, Machine Quilt
Anna Bjork, Acrylics
Chelsea Candland, Colored Pencils
Aspen Douglas, Oils
Courtney Glad, Watercolor
Easton Batt, Graphite Pencil
Madeline Winters, Photography
Samuel Bjork, Wood Carving
 Jean Armitage (2), Counted Cross-Stitch, Mixed
Leah Bergquist, Crochet
Tamara Baca, Knitting 
Maija De Bork, Machine Quilt
Nancy Henderson (2), Applique, Quilting
Kristen Gabbitas, Sewing
Regan Marie Gabbitas, Sewing
Scott Stanley, Unique
Christina Winters (2), Graphite Pencil, Digital Art
Annie Cole, Charcoal
Michael Nikola, Oils
Aaron Wickham, Colored Pencils
Daryl Crossland, Collage
Louise Bergquist, Acrylics
Bob Brownell, Watercolor
Jeff Willis, Metal Sculpting
Cindy Mangone, Glaze
Mike Nickolaisen, Wood Turning
Kyle Wolf, Photography
Christopher Mortensen, Wood Carving
Kori Mitchell, Ceramics
Trent Newbold, Wood Turning
Joshua Loveland, Clay Sculpting
Mary Jo Sanger (2), Christmas, Embroidery
 Anne Martin (2), Hand Quilting, Hand Pieced/Machine Quilting
Ella Manczuk, Knitting
Dorine Madsen, Sewing
Joyce Hutchings (2), Crochet, Graphite Pencil
Jerry A. Camp,Watercolor
 Lodewok “Lo” Andriese, Oils
Robert Wright, Acrylics
Lee Roy Arellano, Stone
James Wind, Wood Burning
David Leslie, Photography
Douglas Shay, Other Hobby Craft
Reginald Christensen, Reclaimed Collage
Neil Mellor, Wood Turning
Richard Charles Ekins, Metal Sculpting
Janeal A. Mecham, Gourd Art
Gary D. Mecham, Wood Work
Junie Pons, Ceramics
Don D. Pannier, Wood Carving
Jana Elder Kachur, Other – Hand Painted Journal
Second Place Winners:
Amanda Kjar, Crochet
Sydney Skousen, Oils
Marin McIff, Watercolor
Madelin Brooke Herrick, Graphite Pencil
Madelyn Karst, Unique
Olivia Holder, Colored Pencil
Paige Mitchell, Wood Craft
Ashley Price, Crochet
Kristeen Polhamus, Embroidery
Shannon Mower,Quilting
Kenzee Jay (2), Charcoal/Pencil, Pottery
Rebecca Hettich, Unique
Billy Zimmerman, Graphite Pencil
Yong Hui No, Watercolor
Bob Brownell, Acrylics
Randy Kroll, Oils
Cherie Jensen, Ceramics
Shannon Moquin, Digital Art
Ryan Glad, Metal Sculpting
James Flitten, Wood Carfing
Scott Anderson, Photography
Trent Newbold, Wood Carving
Dixie Thompson, Crochet
Rodolfo Juarez, Acrylics
Carla Wind, Wood
Lloyd Blackburn, Photography
Kent Reynolds (2), Plaster or Cement, Ceramics
Third Place Winners:
Anna Bjork, Graphite Pencil
Devan Moore, Oils
Mariealeece Winters, Watercolor
Ritvik Ravi, Colored Pencils/Crayon
Amy Caldwell, Oils
Karen Brownell, Unikque
Matthew Radcliffe, Graphite Pencil
Tiffany Romrel, Charcoal
Louise Bergquist, Watercolor
Julie Dickerson, Photography
Emily Johnson, Pottery
Phil Leatherwood, Oils
Janeal A. Mecham, Acrylics
Kenneth D. Gray, Watercolor
Gene Thompson, Ceramics
Jeff Syme, Photography
Ella Manczuk, Crochet

Thanks to the Taylorsville Arts Council for putting together this wonderful show!

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  1. I'm glad to have come across another page chronicling what transpired in that very joyous day! I can still remember showcasing the furniture design australia in that event. I hope they come up with that event again next year.


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