Monday, March 19, 2012

Taylorsville hires Wayne Harper to assist with Economic Development

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Mar. 19, 2012     

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The City of Taylorsville has hired Wayne Harper to manage certain economic development projects in the city. He starts today as the Assistant to the Mayor with an emphasis on business and economic development.
“When we realized that Wayne was available, we were excited to have someone of his caliber join our economic development team,” said Mayor Russ Wall. “We have a number of projects in progress and he will be a valuable asset to help carry them through.”
One of Harper’s first projects will be to manage the development of the 100-acre UDOT property in the south west portion of the city. “We need to make sure the UDOT site is developed properly now for the residents of Taylorsville and for the businesses who will be locating there in the future,” said Harper.
Taylorsville currently has four active redevelopment sites throughout the city and has actively been pursuing new business. Last year the city council approved a $10 million bond for economic development.
Harper was the Economic and Community Development Director for 11 years at West Jordan City. He has been the co-owner of two companies who specialized in commercial/residential real estate development and he most recently worked as the Director of Corporate Service for Merit Medical.
Harper said he’s excited about this new position. “Taylorsville has a great business community and we want to enhance what we have and get to work bringing new business in.”


  1. We would like to know what the city plans to do with the business strip between 3900 South and 4200 South on Redwood road. Except for Johns Marketplace and Savers, most other buildings are empty and have been empty for many years. We suggest you contact Macey's grocery store and have them put a nice store in the whole strip and get rid of the smoke shop and other negative business there.

  2. So happy to see the city working on that field! Let's hope it increases housing value in our neighborhood now! Wayne's a good guy - his daughter was one of my wife's best friends growing up.

  3. Taylorsville needs some development that rivals Jordan Landing of the District. I hope his ideas are implemented quickly. Let the projects begin.

  4. Gramps, here are some comments from our Economic Development Director:

    The city has been developing a set of initiatives to revitalize that area. Taylorsville City begins at 4100 and goes southward. As such we do not control the area near 3900 South, but we have spoken to West Valley City to encourage their community to focus on the area as well. In February 2012 the administration approached the city council with a redevelopment tool called a community development area. The city council gave approval to the staff to prepare a plan and budget for the area. The plan is anticipated to be adopted in April..

    The plan includes implementation of the next phase of the Redwood Road beautification and mobility project. This is similar to the roadway work that was done in 2007 near the Taylorsville Family Center shopping area. The plans include additional landscaping and street lighting on the sides and center median of the roadway as well as consolidating access points.

    The city has had discussions with the owners of the Meadowbrook shopping center about redeveloping their site. The city has also assisted the owners in finding and contacting possible future tenants.

    The City has had conversations with the ones association for Carriage Square. We have been working with them on plans to clean up the center, reconstruct facades both on the front and rear of the center.

    The city anticipates that the car lot site will be occupied by a car dealer later this year. The dealer intends to add additional buildings to the site as well as renovate the existing buildings.

    In December, the city did propose several sites throughout the City to Maceys grocery. 4100 S. Redwood was one of the suggested locations. Maceys declined to pursue the sites as they indicated they had adequate coverage through their existing sites.

    Thank you for your comments and for asking about these projects. We are excited about the things happening in the city and appreciate great residents like you!


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