Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taylorsville Youth Council Leadership Institute

By Jessica Springer, City Council Coordinator

Each year the Taylorsville Youth Council attends the Leadership Institute at Utah State University.  There are Youth Council's from across the state that attend. Before we go, in January we apply for an award called the Award of Excellence. This award looks at the service projects and events that the Youth Council plans and/or are involved in throughout the year. We won 3rd place this year in the Award of Excellence! Another award we compete in is called the “Share Fair” where we design a creative way to display our pictures from our events throughout the year to show other youth council's what we have been up to. This year we won this year for our giant iPhone.

The final competition is the Council Challenge, which is like an Amazing Race-type event where we race to different locations on the campus answering trivia and participating in other physical or artistic challenges. This year it was called the YCC Pentathlon 2012. Out of like 30-40 youth councils in attendance they give monetary awards to the 10 councils who scored the best. We won 8th place and $50.

We also participate in breakout sessions the first two sessions are run by YCC leaders or faculty at USU the other two sessions are run by Youth Councils who volunteer to teach them. This year Taylorsville ran two of the breakout sessions. They made a Jeopardy game entitled, “Jeopardy – the teens in government edition." They did a great job on it!

Outside of the competitions the teens also get a chance to hear motivational speakers, this year they listened to Jason Hewlett, Doug Nielsen and Sterling Peterson.

Youth Council members include: Abby Black, Andy Ho, Aubrey Thomson, Bailey Wyatt, Daniel Bertrand, Danielle Larson, Emmy Beck, Erin Penrose, Georgina Martinez, Jacob Bailey, Janae Fairbourn, Jasey Wyatt, Joel Gardner, John Vo, Katie Clark, Kelsey Rowley, Kimberly Forsyth, McKenzie Miller, Reagan Gabbitas, Sidnee Huff, Spencer Braithwaite, Taylor Moulton

On Friday night, they had a dance, which is where the Mayor Wall led other mayors, elected officials and the teens in the Chicken Dance.

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