Monday, April 16, 2012

1300 West Road Repair Update

Due to the heavy rains and flooding last summer, 1300 West was closed between 5400 South and 5550 South.

Taylorsville City engineers noticed movement on the canal bank and settlement within the roadway, which caused concern for the safety of vehicles. The city had to be very cautious due to the potential hazards created by the utilities in the roadway, including large gas and water lines. They were concerned that the vibrations of vehicles going over the roadway may cause additional movement and immediately closed the road.

Taylorsville engineers had a geotechnical investigation done and based on those results, they determined the best course of action to rebuild the road. 

The road rebuild is coming along nicely. The canal is now covered and is now receiving water in the culvert. It is ahead of schedule and should be finished and opened by May 15.


  1. Nice update on the road in front of my house (I live at 5433 S. 1300 West). I admit that it's been nice to have had almost 10 months of hardly any traffic, but it will be nice to have the road open again as well.

  2. I hope this is a successful concrete repair project. Having the canals and roadways repaired would really prevent road problems and accidents.


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