Thursday, April 19, 2012

Budget Retreat and Work Session - Apr. 18, 2012

Last night the City Council had a budget meeting. This was an opportunity for each council member to discuss things that are important in their district and that they would like to potentially fund in the next budget. The 2012-2013 budget will be presented on May 2.

District 1 - Councilmember Ernest Burgess would like to see the block wall finished on 4100 South up to 1300 West. Burgess feels like public safety is an issue. Village 2 condos has offered to participate in half the cost of updated fencing along 4100 South and 2700 West abutting their property. Burgess would like the city to consider participating with them to clean up that area.

District 2 - Councilmember Kristie Overson is concerned about the Jones Dairy building. She would like to see restrooms brought up to code in the building for students and the public to use. Currently the Granite Technical Institute uses the farm to teach students studying to be a vet. She would also like some funds allocated to put towards the Little Confluence (vacant field by the Jordan River on 4800 S. 600 W.) to make it look nicer as a gateway into our city. She would also like the administration to look into traffic calming devices in District 2.

District 3 - Councilmember Jerry Rechtenbach is very concerned with safe traffic access to 6020 South. He believes the acquisition of Labrum Park will help with that. He is concerned with economic development at the Family Center and along Redwood Road.

District 4 - Councilmember Dama Barbour would like to see a greater police presence and more ordinance enforcement funded for District 4. She would like something to happen at the UDOT property (6200 S. 3400 W.) and is in favor of more trails along the canals for use by residents. Barbour said sidewalks in the older neighborhoods need to be replaced and wants to see better maintenance along city walls.

District 5 - Councilmember Larry Johnson wants to see more code enforcement to get rid of junk in yards. He is supportive of the City Center property being developed and grass maintained. He believes 4700 South needs maintenance and improvements.

Some great news for bikers in Taylorsville... 2700 West will have bike lanes by July 1!

After the Budget Retreat, the Council held their work session.

Following the discussion concerning the appeal of a denial for a conditional animal fanciers permit last month, the Council asked the staff to bring back the applicable ordinances for review. The Council decided that a maximum of six animals made sense. According to Community Development Director Mark McGrath, only two applications to this point have ever exceeded six animals. Since it was a work session, no action took place, but draft changes will be brought back in the near future.

The city attorney opened discussion adjusting the business license fees. If a family member is living with and renting a home from a family member, they would not need to pay a licensing fee. It will come back to the Council for approval on Apr. 25.

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