Wednesday, April 25, 2012

City Council Apr. 25, 2012 - Tree Awards and Earthquake Reports

The City Council began with a resolution supporting Arbor Day 2012 in the City of Taylorsville. It encourages businesses and residents to celebrate Arbor Day. This Saturday city residents and JetBlue Airways employees will be planting 30+ trees and getting the second community garden built in the city. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Monnica Manuel was appointed unanimously to the Ordinance Review Committee. 

Scott Zeidler from the State Foresters Office presented the Tree City USA award to the City of Taylorsville.

"I appreciate the work the LARP (Leisure Activities Recreation and Parks) committee has done over the years in bringing parks and trails and to build civic pride and identity through the use of trees. We appreciate the good work that Taylorsville has done over the years," said Zeidler.

This program is sponsored by the Arbor Day foundation and in conjunction with the National Association of State Foresters  and the USDA Forest Service.

"We welcome you to the cadre of communities in Utah as part of Tree City USA," said Zeidler.

Photo courtesy of Mark McGrath.
(L-R - Councilmember Ernest Burgess, Councilmember Larry Johnson, Scott Zeidler, John Inch Morgan, Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach, Councilmember Dama Barbour, Councilmember Kristie Overson.)

Economic Development Committee Chair Lee Yates gave a report. He reported that the committee has now formed three sub committees to assist in the city's economic development efforts. The business retention, expansion and visitation committee will visit with more than 50 local businesses each year. The long-range planning committee is charged with compiling all economic development plans and create an easy-to-use, forward-thinking and action-oriented plan. The final sub committee will focus on a web site which will serve the entire economic development committee. Here is the link to the Economic Development Committee web page.

Lisa Schwartz, Emergency Coordinator for Taylorsville, gave a report to the council on the Utah Shakeout and Taylorsville's participation in the statewide earthquake drill. For information on the city's participation, see this previous post on Taylorsville's Shakeout participation.

City Attorney John Brems presented the subject ordinance to amend Title 5 of the Taylorsville Code in regard to the General Business License Fee Schedule and the Good Landlord Program. He relayed that the ordinance provides that no fee will be required to rent to family members. It passed unanimously. 
Finance Director Scott Harrington presented information in regard to the city's contract with West Valley City for animal services. John Inch Morgan clarified that WVC is proposing that Taylorsville adopt the same fee schedule as WVC.  John Brems noted that having the same fee schedule will help avoid confusion and allow for consistent charges across the board. One council member asked if the city can get out of the contract with WVC, but Morgan stressed that the city is not currently contemplating ending the contract, as we have a contractual obligation to pay 18% of WVC's bond for the new animal shelter.

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