Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Utah Shakeout - Taylorsville update

This morning at 10:15 am, Taylorsville staff participated in the Utah Great Shakeout - the largest earthquake drill Utah has ever seen. 

At 10:15 am, staff did a drop, cover, and hold. Most got under their desks. Here is Mayor Russ Wall "praying" that everything will be okay while he sits under his desk.

Employees grabbed their personal belongings and met in the city council chambers where an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) was set up. Everyone had different functions - some were over financing, others did logistics, some were in a communications JIC (Joint Information Center).

The city's Emergency Management Coordinator wrote injects and had outside people send in phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages, as if they were residents or the media. 

During the exercise the Mayor, Police Chief, Council Members, Engineer and the EOC manager held a press conference to update the public on what was happening in Taylorsville during this disaster.

The State sent people to watch the exercise and evaluate how we did. 
Kevin Holman, an Exercise Training Officer for the State of Utah and an evaluator said, "Taylorsville did an excellent job working together. I was impressed how the staff overcame any difficulties and kept going."

The city used a dummy Facebook account where volunteers posted fake problems in relation to the exercise. A dummy Twitter page was also used to disseminate information.

Assistant Police Chief Wayne Dial acted as the EOC manager. "We could not have done this without the willingness of our volunteers and the enthusiasm of our employees. Now Taylorsville will be better prepared in case of the real thing," Dial said.

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