Monday, May 21, 2012

Neighborhood Clean-up

Taylorsville residents have come to love the annual giant dumpsters that are delivered to their neighborhoods. 

Since we contract with Salt Lake County Sanitation, we share some of these great services with other cities. Each year Sanitation rotates through the cities to allow everyone the opportunity to have the neighborhood clean-up services at various times. Most people prefer the dumpsters to come in the spring, so we all have to take our turn.

This year the dumpsters in Taylorsville will be delivered between Sept. 21-Oct. 23. Residents will get a postcard a few weeks before telling them the exact days the dumpster will be in their neighborhood. Any bulk waste is welcome in the dumpsters!

Next year we are scheduled for July/August and in 2014 we are scheduled to receive them in June.

In addition to this great service, residents can rent a green waste trailer for $30. This trailer will be delivered to your home and is available for trees, grass, shrubs, and other green waste. Once you are done with, it will be hauled away. For more information on these services, please contact Sanitation at 385-468-6325. You can also visit their website at

In April and October there are free vouchers available for the landfill. You can pick those up at the receptionist desk upstairs at City Hall.

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