Monday, May 14, 2012

Taylorsville Police Department Budget

The Mayor's proposed budget includes joining the Unified Police Department to save over $500K. In a previous post I blogged about the benefits of joining UPD.

This post focuses on the budget for the police department, if we do NOT join UPD.

Last year the police department had a $7.7 million budget. When the PD was asked to put together their budget for this upcoming year, the numbers came in at $8.7 million. The police department pared their budget down to $8.2 million. 

I was interested in the difference between last year's budget and the proposed budget for this year. Here are some of the additional expenses in this year's police budget: 

$130K - A 3% compensation increase to provide officer's raises in light of pay being frozen in the past.
$30K - Anticipated overtime which is inflation-related and based upon historical trends.
$200K - Total increase in cost of health and retirement benefits.
$2K - Several years ago training was cut and now the department is trying to build this back up. 
$30K - E-ticketing software and usage. This will only provide it for half of the department.
$54K - Fuel increases and vehicle maintenance
$13K - Office equipment - two new phone lines, copy machine maintenance, phone service contract
$45K - Police dispatch - due to increased staffing to take and dispatch calls. 
$18K - Hepatitis vaccine for all police officers (they have been at risk without this).
$9K - Crossing guard equipment and special uniform equipment.
$12K - Increase in firearms budget (This budget used to be $60K. In 2011 it was cut down to $25K and last year was funded at $38K. This year's increase would put the department at $50K.) This is training for firearms use. In the past, shoot qualifiers went from four shoots per year to just two. According to the PD, the city's liability increases when training is cut.
$95K - Rotating police vehicles. Since police cars are used heavily, and dependability is vital, the department is trying to get on a four-year rotation for their vehicles. Currently there is no savings (fund balance) available to draw these funds from, so it must come from the fiscal year budget. 

The items above are included in the $8.2 million proposed PD budget, if the city decides not to join UPD. Here are some other items that the police department would like to see funded, but are not in the $8.2 million budget. These items are called "Add packages," which means the council could choose to fund any of these items.

$10K - Motor/crash team station 
$1K - Motor/Crash Supplies 
$236K - 2 additional Officers & Equipment 
$44K - Salary and benefits for civilian staffer to assist in patrol and investigations (new position).
$35K - Fleet Maintained  Program (contractor or employee)
$20K - Holiday pay out - only for patrol officers scheduled to work holidays.
$30K - Master officer funding 
$18K - Patrol Area Work Stations 
$8K - Carpeting in Patrol and Public Areas 
$15K - Cubicles Admin Area      

Several police officers have said that they are fine keeping the Taylorsville Police Department, but they are anxious to have elected officials fully fund public safety. 

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