Thursday, June 7, 2012

Council Meeting 6/6/12 - Budget Public Hearing

We had a packed house at the council meeting. Between the budget public hearing and the GIFT awards, there were 90+ people.

Ruth and Don Breitling, 805 West Taylors Hill Cove (about 4850 South) won the Best of Taylorsville award for this month for their beautiful landscaping. If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, please email

The Taylorsville Green Committee recently had a contest - GIFT - Green Ideas for Taylorsville. Students answered the question, "What we can do to help Taylorsville be a more "Green" community?" Students ages 5-12 who live in Taylorsville were invited to send in an entry.  The Green Committee awarded the GIFT awards. The $50 Grand Prize went to Aspen Earnhart from Plymouth Elementary. The $25 Gift Certificate Winners are Bridgett Raymundo - Vista Elementary, Kiana Eskelson - Fox Hills Elementary, and Henrie Holder - Bennion Elementary.

Erin Penrose, Youth City Council Chair, gave a report from their council.

Jay Ziolkowski gave his UFA report. He shared a video clip of Councilmember Overson's experience at Fire School. He and other UFA officials presented Mayor Wall with an award for his service on the UFA board.

The City Council approved the transfer of property from the county to the city for Labrum Park on the South Jordan Canal Road. This large, special-use park will be getting a face-lift later this summer.

Council Chair Rechtenbach invited the UFA Chiefs to talk about joining the Salt Lake Valley Fire District. (More info will be posted on Monday about this District and what it means for Taylorsville.)

The budget public hearing opened and residents were evenly split on whether or not they wanted to see a tax increase. 

The council went through a few items in the budget and Rechtenbach ultimately suggested that they look at a budget next work session that took out the block walls and subsequent bond, removed the tax increase altogether, had the city join the fire district, removed the Sister City funds, and kept UPD in. The council voted 4-1 (Johnson dissenting) to see that budget and discuss more next week. The vote does not mean the council has made any final decisions on joining UPD, the fire district, or the final budget. Most likely those final decisions will be voted on June 20.


  1. Do you know anything about the new rock fence being built on 2700 West at the Rocky Mountain Power Sub Station? I thought I heard at a council meeting that the city is paying for it?

    1. Great question! The block fence is a joint partnership with Rocky Mountain Power. When they agreed to pay for half of it, the city council couldn't pass up the opportunity to get rid of the ugly fence and help pay for the other half.


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