Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Council Summary 6/20/12 - UPD approved

The majority of the city council meeting was spent trying to get a 2012-2013 tentative budget approved.

Councilmember Dama Barbour made a motion to adopt a tentative 2012-2013 budget. It included joining the Salt Lake Valley Fire District and a 15 percent tax increase which yields $615,000 and will pay for a block wall along 4100 South for public safety ($400K) and increased maintenance along streetscapes including weed abatement ($200K). It failed 2-3 with Rechtenbach, Burgess and Johnson being the dissenters.

Then Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach made a motion to lower the tax increase to 10 percent, but it did not receive a second and the motion died.

Councilmember Ernest Burgess asked to reintroduce Barbour's original motion for the 15 percent tax increase to do the wall along 4100 South and increase maintenance for streetscapes throughout the city. That motion passed 3-2 with Rechtenbach and Johnson being the dissenters.

The next motion was to approve an interlocal agreement to join the Unified Police Department for all police services. Overson made the motion to approve it and it passed 4-1 with Johnson being the dissenter.

The tax increase would be approximately $2.43 per month on a $197,000 home. On August 14, 2012, city officials will hold a Truth-in-Taxation hearing where the public will be invited to give input on this proposed tax increase before it is official.

Here were some of the great quotes of the evening:

"We chose to become a city, and we now need to support our city. I trust Taylorsville. I trust the employees, the administration and the council. I trust the businesses. We've got to move forward. We either block the way and say this can't happen, or we jump on board and make it happen." - Councilmember Kristie Overson 

"We voted to incorporate because we were tired of being under the county's leadership. To even approach some of those visions, it's going to require more (money) than we have here." - Council Chair Jerry Rechtenbach

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