Thursday, July 26, 2012

Economic Development Update

We are excited about some of the economic development prospects for the city. Conversations with business owners, developers, and retailers are happening more than ever. The hard thing about discussing economic development changes is the high level of confidentiality. The city cannot disclose names of businesses looking at Taylorsville or any in process until papers have been signed and permission has been granted by all parties involved.

We can discuss some of the infrastructure changes that are taking place. The first one is at the West Pointe Shopping Center at 5400 South Bangerter Highway (the old home to Kmart and Albertsons). We are putting a traffic signal to make it easier for traffic to enter and exit the center. We have been making arrangements with property owners and tenants and some of the preparatory work has already been done - acquiring property and removing two buildings. Construction on the signal will begin late 2012.

The signal alignment near Taylor's Landing at 4700 South 2700 West, is in its infancy. We've had great response from property owners and UDOT. We hope to have the signal realigned in 2013.

There are discussions with the owner of the Family Center to revitalize it. It's a very complex project. The developer and the city have spent hours figuring out how to renovate the center and make it something we can be proud of. Keep your fingers crossed. We expect to see more to come in 2013.

According to Taylorsville's Economic Development Director Donald Adams, "We've been working with restaurants and entertainment companies. There is great interest in Taylorsville, especially near 5400 South Redwood Road."

Both Adams and Wayne Harper have been on the hunt for good businesses to locate in our designated areas of concentration - 5400 South Redwood, 4100 South Redwood, 4800 South Redwood Road, 5400 South Bangerter Hwy, 6200 South Bangerter Hwy, 6200 South Redwood and 4700 South off I-215.

As soon as we can announce some of these new businesses and changes, we will!

If you are interested in more information and would like to view the May presentation given to the city council by Donald Adams, please click here.

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