Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Samaritans in Taylorsville

A few weeks ago I was driving down 2700 West to City Hall from 6200 South. I had been noticing the weeds along 2700 West for several weeks and knew our budget for streetscape maintenance was depleted.

Imagine my surprise when on this particular day I saw this couple out cleaning up the weeds. I assumed they owned the home on the other side of the fence, but was grateful that the eye sore was gone.

I got into work and about 45 minutes later a resident, Dale Kehl, stopped in and found me. He said, "There's a couple down 2700 West who are working to clear the weeds. They don't own any of the adjacent homes, but are doing it to help the neighborhood look nicer."

I immediately jumped in my car and drove to the site. I found out that Peter and Tiffani Dean decided to help out their neighbors (and the rest of us) by spending the day clearing out the weeds. No one asked them to do it. They didn't wait to find out whose job it was. They saw a need and just did it.

We have other people in our city, like Dean Paynter, who also help clean up the streetscape on 2700 West. Again, he doesn't wait to be asked. He just does it. The Burnetts do a great job cleaning up between 5400-4700 South. We are lucky to have such great families here in Taylorsville!

They were there all day long! They cleared several blocks of weeds. It was amazing!

When I asked Tiffani why they did it, she said, "We could sit at home or come and clean up what needs to be done."

Next time you drive down 2700 West from 5400 South - 6200 South, take note of the cleaned up area and silently thank people like the Deans, Paynters, and Burnetts for their service.


  1. A family in our neighborhood does the same thing but between 54th and 47th! Thanks to the Burnetts for all of their hard work!

  2. I jog along this path & really appreciate this!!! What great people!

  3. Wow! I drive that stretch of road often and I've thought many times, "someone needs to clean this up." Peter and Tiffani have inspired me to get out there and do something instead of just thinking about it. Thanks!


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