Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/1/12 City Council Update

Michael and Jessica Stott were presented the "Best of Taylorsville" award for their innovative landscaping. Residents can nominate those who go above and beyond to help the city by beautifying their property. Please email if you'd like to nominate a neighbor.

Julie Warburton was approved by the council to serve on the Taylorsville Arts Council.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder reported on the Salt Lake County Metro Jail. He noted that the city council will be participating in a tour of the jail in the near future. He said there are two jails - an adult detention center and Oxbow Jail. He gave the history of Oxbow and reported it has been closed since 2001. The Adult Detention Facility has been filled beyond capacity and releases people early because of lack of capacity. Winder sought support in 2009 to re-open Oxbow Jail and one unit with 160 beds was reopened. He would rather use the remainder of Oxbow than build a new facility.

An agenda item to surplus property at the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center was approved by the council. Some items are dropped off there that aren't needed by the center, and any funds received from selling them will go back to the center.

A resolution to begin the process of moving to the Fire District passed 4-1, with Johnson dissenting. City Administrator John Inch Morgan presented the resolution for the the annexation of Taylorsville into the Salt Lake Valley Fire Service Area for fire and medical response. This represents the first step in a five-month process for becoming part of the fire district.

Recently the economic development department had a graphic designer look at re-designing some marketing materials. The logo the designer came up was well liked for its collegiate and athletic look. With the main campus of the Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville, Taylorsville's active baseball program and focus on promoting a healthy community, city officials decided to begin this new era of the city with a fresher and more progressive look. The logo will be implemented city wide and will replace the current "wagon wheel" logo. Several options were presented to modify the main logo to fit departments and the city's historic preservation focus. (i.e. on street signs, the new logo will be throughout the city, but in the historic district of the city a modified logo will designate the historic area.) City staff plans to change out items as they are needed, so there will not be additional expense.

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