Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/15/12 City Council Meeting

At the council meeting the following individuals were approved unanimously:
Tom Ollis to serve on the Economic Development committee.
Steve Faurschou and Curt Cochran were re-appointed to serve on the Planning Commission.

Sanitation Director Pam Roberts presented her quarterly report. She describe plans for the Area Cleanup Program in Taylorsville. The dumpsters will be delivered to neighborhoods Sept. 21- Oct. 23. She noted one container will be provided per four homes. Residents are encouraged to call ahead with needs for large amounts of green waste. Roberts also reviewed the process for the Sanitation District to become its own organization effective Jan. 1, 2013. The official name would be the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District.

The council voted unanimously to establish a notice of pending ordinance change regarding electronic billboards. This ordinance was presented by Community Development Director Mark McGrath. He said the ordinance does three things: 1) It gives notice that the ordinance is under review and provides notice that anyone applying for electronic billboards will have to comply with the city's final ordinance. 2) It notifies the planning commission that an ordinance must be amended. 3) It dictates that the pending ordinance expires on Feb. 15, 2013. This ordinance will be reviewed by the planning commission next week and they will provide recommendations to the city council.

The council voted to transfer bailiff services to Salt Lake County. They are the only part of the old Taylorsville Police Department remaining. The bailiffs would then be employees of Salt Lake County.

Ryan Perry of the Salt Lake Valley Fire Service Area reviewed the time line and process for Taylorsville's annexation into the Salt Lake Valley Fire District. The first suggested tentative date for a public hearing was Sept. 12. 

The city council adopted a final budget, which includes a 15 percent tax increase. At the Truth-in-Taxation hearing Tuesday night seven residents spoke on the issue. Two spoke against the tax increase, one was neutral, and four spoke in favor. At this council meeting the city council was charged with passing a balanced budget. Three council members, Barbour, Burgess, and Overson, voted in favor and Johnson and Rechtenbach voted against. The motion that passed was to keep the safety walls and additional maintenance funding in the budget, which is the reason for the 15 percent tax increase. 

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