Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8/12 City Council Work Session

Electronic Billboards
Recently there has been a trend towards converting traditional billboards into high tech internally-lit electronic billboard signs. The new billboards are generally much brighter and potentially obtrusive to certain land uses. Current Taylorsville code does not address under which circumstances a billboard may or may not be converted which may leave us susceptible to being forced to allow conversion.

New Police Leadership
Police Chief Tracy Wyant introduced the new management team for the Taylorsville precinct - Lieutenants Wayne Dial, Mike Schoenfeld, and Randy Thomas.


Lt. Wayne Dial will be the executive lieutenant. He was part of the former Taylorsville Police Department as the assistant chief. Prior to Taylorsville he worked in the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office for 22 years. According to Wyant, Dial displays great professionalism and integrity. "We are honored that he was willing to stay." Dial said he is excited to be part of the new precinct. "It's a new day in Taylorsville," he said.

Lieutenant Mike Schoenfeld, a current UPD officer, will be over investigations. "Lieutenant Schoenfeld brings a tremendous amount of experience in the investigation of narcotics, gangs, and other vice activities,"said Wyant. He has been with UPD/Salt Lake County for 16 years and says he is excited about the new team dynamic.

Lieutenant Randy Thomas has been with UPD/Salt Lake County for 18 years and has been running the K-9 unit for six years. He will be over patrol for the Taylorsville precinct. "He brings professionalism and enthusiasm," Wyant said. Thomas said he is looking forward to an exciting challenge. "I know where the bad guys hang out and we are going to make them go away," he told the council.

Wyant gave an update on the UPD transition and said things are ahead of schedule. The vehicles have been re-branded, real assets are being acquired, there was a minor hiccup with IT, but everything else has gone very smoothly. Wyant also indicated that the upcoming transfer will bring not only Lieutenants Schoenfeld and Thomas to Taylorsville but their network and expertise.

Other matters
Discussion was held regarding the City Center property, and future development and use of the land. Chairman Rechtenbach suggested a committee be established to give input on the master plan.

A discussion on our animal services contract with West Valley City was discussed. The council had concerns about their customer service and response. Because we have invested in the animal shelter with WVC, we cannot easily dissolve the contract without a penalty.

The council discussed a policy and fee schedule for special events parks.

Details of the Truth in Taxation hearing were given. The hearing will be Tues., Aug. 14 at 6 p.m. at City Hall - 2600 W. Taylorsville Blvd. Public comment will be taken with regards to the 15 percent tax increase.

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