Thursday, August 23, 2012


By Mayor Russ Wall

This past month we “caught” a few residents cleaning up some of our streetscapes along major corridors. We appreciate the Deans, Paynters, Burnetts, and other scout troops, church groups, and families. These great people gave us an idea to begin an “Adopt-A-Street” program. 

We are looking for scout troops, church groups, neighborhood service groups, and families who are willing to "Adopt-A-Street" in Taylorsville. When you adopt a street, it means you commit to help keep the streetscape in good order - taking care of weeds, removing graffiti, and notifying the city of any problems. We are focusing on the main corridors of the city and would love those interested in a service project that residents and businesses can appreciate every day as they drive our streets. 

If you are interested in adopting a street, please email or call John Inch Morgan at 801-963-5400.

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