Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Employee Softball Game with Harmons

Last Monday employees from the Taylorsville Harmons did a service project cleaning up Vista Park. They ended the day with a softball game where they challenged Taylorsville City employees and contractors.

Thank goodness we had some off-duty firefighters who came to help field our softball team.

This cute lady in the yellow shirt is the Taylorsville Harmons store manager, Becky Larkin. Harmons had so many great employees and we enjoyed getting to know them better.

This was the Taylorsville City team. We had our firefighters, Mayor Wall, City Administrator John Inch Morgan, Councilmember Ernest Burgess, Judge Marsha Thomas, Pat Kimbrough, Don Adams and me.

Here is Judge Thomas playing catcher.

Our fans included Kris Heineman, Robin Bronson, Pat's daughter, Michelle, and the Taylorsville HS cheerleaders.

Mayor Wall is up to bat...

Economic Development Donald Adams played with all his heart.

Councilmember Burgess did a great job as the bat boy and later as the pitcher.

Judge Thomas hits an awesome grounder.

Bob Harmon and his mom came to support their team.

Councilmember Dama Barbour and her husband, Jake, were great team supporters!

Harmons arranged for a petting zoo! My kids had fun riding on one of the horses, petting ducks, sheep, and other animals.

We all had fun eating delicious brauts made by Harmons! The Mayor bought our dinner.

Team Taylorsville City won the softball game! But the real winners were the employees from the Taylorsville Harmons who did a great service in the park, and put on such a great event for us. They want to make it an annual event and our employees are thrilled! We had so much fun!!


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