Monday, August 20, 2012

New Taylorsville Logo

Our city budget was reduced $1.7 million over the past few years because of a drop in business sales tax revenue. To counteract this, one of our top priorities as a city is to attract businesses to Taylorsville, both from within and outside of the state. 

Recently we began developing some marketing materials for economic development. Through that process city officials decided to adopt a new city logo that looks more modern and progressive. One version looks like a seal and the other one prominently portrays our city name. 

Coming up with a logo for a name as long as “Taylorsville” was a difficult one. We wanted the logo to look athletic and collegiate - baseball has been a big part of Taylorsville and we also host the main campus of the Salt Lake Community College. 

You will begin to see the new logo in our social media, on vehicles, and on our new street signs. Other items will be changed out as needed, as to not incur additional expense. Although some street signs were just recently changed out, Public Works has committed to put the new logo decals on at no cost. We will also have a special logo for the street signs around 4800 South to designate our historic district. We are excited about these new changes as we move the city forward in a positive direction. 

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