Wednesday, October 17, 2012

City Council Meeting 10/17/12

At the city council meeting a firefighter representing a group of Taylorsville firefighters spoke about the Fire District issue. He said that the firefighters aren't getting a raise by joining the Fire District, but are looking for better staffing to decrease the amount of calls that are imported by other stations and to make it safer for them by increasing the number of crew members.

Joan White, chair of the Historic Preservation committee, gave a report. She spoke about the many activities that have taken place at the museum. Several community groups have used the facilities for their events and families come to tour the museum after one of their kids have had a field trip at the museum.

Pam Roberts from Sanitation gave her quarterly report. The Sanitation District will be breaking off from Salt Lake County on January 1 and will become the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District. Roberts said that last year Sanitation had a 97 percent satisfaction rating and is hoping for something even higher this year. She said Taylorsville has the highest tonnage of recyclable materials in the Sanitation District. She reminded residents to make sure cans are put at least three feet away from any other cans or objects.

The council unanimously approved some Land Development Code changes. The first one was to amend the ordinance to not allow temporary businesses to locate on landscaped areas. This is to prevent the landscaping from being affected, but also to allow ADA accessibility.

The second ordinance change amended the number of tobacco specialty shops allowed in the city to one for every 10,000 residents. That would mean five shops would currently be allowed.

The third ordinance change was to better define Reiki massage in the ordinance. The city placed a six month moratorium on this type of business because of concerns raised by the Salt Lake County Health Department and our police department. Some of these businesses were not meeting the definition of true "Reiki" massages and were engaging in business practices that were outside the law.

The final ordinance change was to better define reception centers. A potential loop hole exists in State Code for the licensing of reception cneters. The issue at hand is the sale of alcohol in such a center. The problem is that a business may be licensed as a reception center, but function as a tavern. To close the potential loop holes, staff recommended adopting an ordinance that contains very specific language for uses associated with reception centers.

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