Thursday, October 11, 2012

City Council Work Session 10/10/12

Healthy Taylorsville Committee Report
Healthy Taylorsville Committee Chair Brett McIff reported that the committee will be doing a screening of, "The Weight of the Nation," on Oct. 25 which helps to examine obesity and review choices. He also said the committee will be helping with the Taylorsville Iditarod again in March. The committee meets monthly and anyone interested in trying to help us have a healthier city is welcome to join.

Capital Improvements Project Update
City Engineer John Taylor reported on some projects throughout the city. On 1300 West there was an overlay project between 6235-6600 South completed this month. Labrum Park (the large regional ball park that the city inherited from Salt Lake County/LDS Church on the South Jordan Canal Road) is being graded to allow access for residents off Redwood Road/6020 South to the canal road. In this last budget, council members approved funding for a block wall along 4100 South to provide safety for drivers and adjacent residents. The project is well underway and residents are grateful for this safety measure that has been implemented. Flex Lanes will most likely begin at the end of the month/beginning of November. More information will be forthcoming as UDOT provides it. The 5400 South Thru-Turn lane project at 4015 West will most likely begin operation at the beginning of November. 

Land Development Code Amendments
Community Development Director Mark McGrath discussed proposed text amendments to the Taylorsville Land Development Code. He spoke about the Reiki massage permit. In the code this will be defined and will become a conditional use permit. Licensees will need to appear before the planning commission. Another matter deals with temporary businesses. No temporary business will be allowed on landscaped surfaces to keep landscaping from being destroyed and to provide ADA accessibility. The city is concerned about potential taverns or clubs  coming in for reception center permits so alcohol can be served. A better definition for reception centers will be included in the code. Specialty tobacco shops will be limited to one for every 10,000 residents, similar to the limits on check cashing stores. The code will also better define what a tobacco business is.

Strategic Plan Review
McGrath also gave a Strategic Plan update and highlighted the things we have accomplished this year. The Strategic Plan will be discussed at a special meeting on Sat., Nov. 10 from 8 a.m.- noon. City staff, elected officials, volunteers, business owners, and residents are invited to attend to help prioritize needs and projects for the upcoming year.

Fire District Info
Resident Jon Fidler asked to have two minutes to give a report on the protest of the Fire District annexation. He said that they have collected approximately 2,600 and will be turning in their petition to the Salt Lake Valley Fire District. 

Once the signatures are validated, which will take 30-45 days, then the city can hold a special election in June for residents to vote on whether or not to join the Fire District. The cost of the special election will be at least $50,000. In the meantime, the city council will need to open up the budget and figure out how to pay for the rest of the UFA contract of $1.9 million. 

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  1. 2787 Signatures were turned in with the petition. Only 1330 signatures were needed. This should be taken as a loud statement of how frustrated the citizens are in this city.

    Should we also protest more of the same wasteful spending (from our current city administration) of $50,000 for a special ballot when it can go on another ballot for a much smaller cost of $10,000?

    Better yet, why not withdraw the application and save our city even more money?


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