Monday, October 22, 2012

Eagle Project - Emergency Cache

We have highlighted several Eagle projects on this blog in the past and want to highlight another one.

Tyler Newton recently completed his Eagle project by fixing up and doing inventory on the Bennion Elementary Emergency Cache. 

The city has several emergency caches around the city. They are stocked with materials to aid the community in case of a disaster. 

Several dozen youth and adults helped inventory items in all the containers.

Thanks to a generous donation by Home Depot, all the building and painting materials were donated. New shelves were built inside.

The doors were fixed and the outside of the shed was repainted.

The shed is now organized with all items inventoried and easily seen on the shelves.

We have other emergency caches like these around the city that would be a great Eagle project, or other beautification projects that need help. If you are interested in doing an Eagle Project with Taylorsville City, please contact John Inch Morgan or Lisa Schwartz at 801-963-5400.

Great job, Tyler and crew!!

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