Monday, October 1, 2012

Frequently Asked City Questions:

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked city questions in the past week:

1. Q: How can I dispose of all my fall leaves?

A: Currently at the upstairs receptionist desk at City Hall you can come pick up some leaf bags. Between Oct. 15-Nov. 30 you can drop your bags of leaves off at Valley Regional Park. Please only use these dumpsters for leaves. If you have other items you need to take to the landfill, you can get two landfill passes per household from the receptionist at City Hall anytime this month.

2. Q: If we are going to contract for our public safety services, why did we become a city in the first place?

A: When we incorporated in 1996 to become a city, it was the intent of elected officials to contract as much as possible. Contracting saves money, so even when we became a city we contracted for police, fire, legal, engineering, sanitation, public works, etc. Current elected officials still have that same mindset and look to save money wherever possible. The main reason residents wanted to incorporate was to have a say in Planning and Zoning matters, Economic Development, and funding for parks or other community centers (Rec Center, Senior Center, etc.). Although we haven't had extra funding for some of these things since the recession, city officials still operate on the same premise that having local control of community development is vital in making a livable community.

3. Q: When funds are tight, why don't elected officials cut things out of the budget instead of raising taxes?

A: Elected officials are responsible to all residents and business owners in Taylorsville. When inflation increases and revenues decline, elected officials can either raise revenue through increased taxes, hope for additional business sales tax revenue, or they can cut services. So far most residents have insisted that services remain the same, which leads elected officials to cut where they can and raise revenue to cover the rest.

4. Q: Did the city spend $6 million on a project on 6200 South?

A: No, the city council did not approve this. Engineers recommended the city look at re-routing the road by Westbrook Elementary and put in a sky bridge to aid the elementary school children in safely crossing 6200 South. The council said there were not sufficient funds in the budget for it as this time and did not fund it.

5. Q: Why is there $30,000 in the city budget this year for Jones Dairy restrooms?

A: The Jones Dairy and museum property is designated as a park and is used for events on the lawn, for school tours, for the community gardens and for Granite School District agriculture classes. The rest rooms will be built to ADA and park  standards and will be used by patrons visiting the grounds and accessible to those using the dairy building from the inside when the building has been remodeled as per building code standards. These restrooms need to be accessible from the outside, so two exterior entrances will be built for a men and women's restroom with two stalls each. These restrooms must be ADA compliant and commercial grade. Once this project is bid out, the price may come in lower than was budgeted.

6. Q: When will Flex Lanes on 5400 South start? Are they safe?

A: UDOT has told us that Flex Lanes will be ready around the end of October. Our police officers plan to help with the transition to keep everyone safe. For more information on Flex Lanes you can visit

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