Thursday, November 8, 2012

City Council Update 11/7/12

LARP (Leisure Activities Recreation and Parks) Chair Rhetta McIff asked the council if the city could sponsor the "Race for the Cure" event next summer. 

Resident Doug Shupe distributed info to the council regarding emergency response ideas. He will be following up with the city's emergency management coordinator.

Mayor Wall thanked everyone who performed their civic duty to go vote during the recent election.

Karen Eells was appointed to serve on the LARP committee.

Youth Ambassadors were appointed for the 2012-2013 term: Andy Ho, Sidney Huff, Gabriela "Gabby" Magallanes, Taylor Moulton, Erin Penrose, and Hannah Wright. They will represent the city at various functions including ribbon cuttings, awards banquets, and parades. They will also be performing service throughout the city.

Chief Tracy Wyant recognized Officer Jason Richman as Officer of the Month for September 2012. The chief described extraordinary efforts by Officer Richman to remove a sexual predator from the streets of Taylorsville. Detective Denise Ikemyeshiro was recognized as Officer of the Month for October 2012. She has helped confiscate drug paraphernalia in Taylorsville.

Chief Wyant reviewed data for general offensees within each council district for the third quarter and gave clarification on stats for burglaries, alarms, over time, drug confiscations, escapes, etc. He confirmed that follow up can be done on suspicious license plate numbers acquired by citizens. Wyant gave an explanation regarding traffic overtime money received by the city. The impacts to safety issues in regard to traffic enforcement were discussed. It was noted that safety is the primary focus and the need for additional traffic officers was cited.

UPD Sergeant Stanton VanWagoner reported on illegal activities involving the use of spice, a synthetic narcotic. He outlined the various types of narcotics that have been confiscated.

Battalion Chief Jay Ziolkowski presented information on the citizen petition recently filed with the Salt Lake Valley Fire District regarding the potential annexation in the Fire District. He said over 2,400 signatures were validated, which puts this issue on the ballot. The recommendation was to put it on the November 2013 ballot. 

Judge Michael Kwan presented his quarterly report. He said fines and forfeitures are down for Q1 and expenses currently exceed total revenue by $128,708. He noted that court expenses thus far are less than last year. Traffic cases were down, criminal cases were up, civil/small claims cases were up.

Taylorsville Prosecutor Tracy Cowdell reported on prosecution services in Taylorsville. He recognized his partner and fellow prosecutor Chad Woolley.

Public Safety Committee Chair Peggy Saddler reported on recent activities of the Public Safety Committee. She asked the council to support a "Night Out Against Crime" in August 2013 to be held on City Center property. This would be held the second Tuesday in August in conjunction with the national event. This committee is looking for more members, so please call City Hall and talk to Maria, if you are interested - 801-963-5400.

Youth Council Chair Erin Penrose reported on recent activities and upcoming events of the Youth Council. They will be providing "Thanksgiving Boxes" to four Taylorsville families and donations were provided by local businesses.

City Attorney John Brems presented a resolution to authorize funds for legal expenses. There was litigation on the City Center property when a business tried to purchase the property, didn't fulfill their obligations, and the city backed out of the real estate deal. Brems described the economic reasons that it makes sense for the city to settle this case. He noted that the matter would have gone to a jury trial with no guarantees for financial results. The resolution passed unanimously.

Mayor Russ Wall presented the administrations proposal for the 2012-2013 budget adjustments. He cited a $2 million deficit to pay the remainder of the Unified Fire Authority contract once the move to the Fire District was reversed. He recommended the council cover the deficit by borrowing from the city's fund balance (savings account). The mayor noted that this will not fix the budget deficit, but provide a temporary fix. The deficit will need to be addressed by either joining the Fire District or increasing taxes. Council Chair Rechtenbach asked each council member to review the budget and come back with specific solutions and budget adjustments.

Economic Development Director Donald Adams presented the draft economic development plan for discussion.

City Engineer John Taylor updated the council on the new flex lanes that officially began operating this week. He cited general concern over the brightness of the lights and UDOT's intent to reduce brightness so they don't blend in with intersection lights.

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  1. Civil filings are up 2%. Tracey Cowdell also presented on the Prosecution contract.


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